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SMART Enterprise launches M2M WorkForce solutions

Smart Enterprise launches M2M workforce solutions to empower businesses to become more efficient not only in cost but also in productivity.

SMART Enterprise M2M WorkForce solutions
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Innovations in technology helped business automate their existing processes that were used to be time-consuming, costly, and error-prone. The rise of M2M(Machine-to-machine) solutions is so beneficial that Smart and PLDT decided to put their names on the line and offer it as part of their workforce management system.

Thus the birth of 4 Smart Enteprise M2M solutions:

  • Smart Store Manager 
  • Smart Pharma
  • Smart Service Manager
  • Smart Sales Manager

Here's the official press release. Read on to know more on how the Smart Enterprise can enhance the growth of your business even if you're not physically there.

To survive in today's competitive marketplace, regardless of size, need to be productive and efficient. Large businesses and small and medium enterprise alike need to use smart technologies to do more with less, in order to keep costs and low while staying operationally effective and responsive to their customer's needs.

Recognizing the need for business to be efficient, Smart Enterprise provides a wide range of Workforce solutions to empower business owners and help them meet the ever-evolving demands of their business. Smart Enterprise offers four solutions that are specifically for the mobile field force, designed to improve their efficiency through mobile applications. With this, the company can generate real-time reports that can lead to quicker and more focused decision-making.

The innovative and game-changing Smart solutions include the Smart Store Manager, Smart Pharma, Smart Sales Manager and Smart Service Manager. All these run on PLDT and SMART's reliable and nationwide network, ensuring their reliability at all times.

Smart Store Manager can be used to manage store inventory, so that accurate stocks are delivered for the benefit of customers. Providing the Smart app to all merchandisers nationwide give the company an overall view of products' movements at any given time.

Smart Pharma is a solution for medical rep team of Pharmaceutical companies. It can track the performance of medical representatives covering doctor calls and distribution of samples. It makes information available to medical representatives online for easier relationship building with doctors. At the head office, District Managers can monitor the whereabouts of their team, instantly measure productivity per med rep, per area, and even per type of drug.

Smart Sales Manager is a Customer Relationship Management tool providing relevant information to field personnel. It automates sales processes that aid in proper opportunity management.

Smart Service Manager is an app-based reporting, data gathering and service management application that allows service-oriented industries to centralize and optimize two-way communications with field employees. It streamlines workflow queuing and scheduling of tasks

"Living in this digital era, we encourage the SMEs to move towards  a mobile and digital vision. The Smart Enterprise workforce solutions can help our clients automate their business operations designed to reduce cost, improve work flow efficiency and increase customer satisfaction," said FVP for SME Group, Kat Abelarde.

Smart Enterprise solutions reduce the need for expensive hardware, and allow business owners to spend less time and resources on IT demands, allowing them to focus more on their core business.

"In our continuous efforts in bringing innovative products that will help enable competent business sectors and win in the global marketplace, we bring you the Smart Workforce Solutions. Through this and our investments in technology, we want to help empower business and strenghten them, recognizing that they form the backbone of our economy. We aim to create a IT-enabled, competitive business sector that can compete and win in the global marketplace," concluded Aberlarde.

Together with its partner-vendors the launch climaxed by a wine toast to officially open the doors to new heights.

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