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The Highly-Awaited Crossfire 2.0 is Coming Soon to Philippine Shores

Crossfire fans rejoice as the most awaited update in Crossfire Philippines is coming soon! CrossFire 2.0 will be heading to the Philippines sooner than you think!

The game that has captured the hearts of over 24 million Filipino gamers is about to get even bigger and better. Starting August 25, 2015 CrossFire 2.0 will be available for game play. Do you think you can handle it?

CrossFire 2.0 in Manila Philippines soon

Gameclub Philippines in partnership with Crossfire Developer Smilegate Inc. is proud to present the much-hyped Crossfire 2.0. The Philippines would be the 4th among 11 regions to release the Crossfire 2.0 update. Filipino players will soon be able to play their favorite online FPS game in improved graphics and experience tons of new content.

One of the changes that gamers could expect to enjoy would be the aforementioned enhanced graphics and more realistic maps. CF 2.0 is bringing Crossfire to a whole new level through visual upgrades to character models, maps and weapons.

Along with these graphics changes are improvements to the user interface and an improved buddy system. The update would feature an additional function to manage friends in a more convenient way.

CrossFire 2.0 in Manila Philippines soon
logo CF 2.0

And that’s not all, Crossfire 2.0 even introduces a new ranked match system, new weapons with special features and the very first VIP character. Players will now be able to test their skills against opponents of a similar skill level. The ranked match system would allow beginners of the game to improve their play against fellow newbies while the elite can compete amongst themselves to hone their skills for tournaments and competitive play. 

All these changes and additions are what make Crossfire 2.0 the most significant patch to date.

For inquiries and details, call  Gameclub at (02) 584-2811. Also for more news check out CrossFire through the following channels:


What CrossFire features and enhancements are you most excited about CF 2.0 once it's available here in the Philippines? Comment below!


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