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SAMSUNG has finally come up with a new gadget to go gaga for. Presenting....

Galaxy Note 4 colors


With its cutting-edge features, the Note 4 is the best partner in accomplishing more tasks faster and easier. Just take a look at how Chef Florabel Co-Yatco discovered its amazing features and benefits. She incorporates the gadget flawlessly into her daily activities which spells leisure and business.

Chef Florabel Co-Yatco success' secrets
Chef Florabel

Chef Florabel is most commonly known within the celebrity circle, thus the title "Chef of the Stars". She is highly responsible for the conception of several fine dining and restaurants across the metropolis each with different categories and specialties.


Over the years, Chef Florabel Co-Yatco has built and cemented her culinary legacy. To date, she runs and manages a number of highly in-demand restaurants and is known as the “Chef of the Stars” among the foodie community. However, her success did not happen overnight. Her passion for cooking, which began as an effort of a young, high school student eager to earn some extra money, has led her to become one of the most renowned culinary masters in the country. 

At a young age, Chef Florabel discovered her knack for cooking when she baked cookies and cakes, which she sold to her classmates one Valentine’s day. With the success of this small business venture, she realized that with the proper training, she could take her love and talent in the culinary arts and turn it into a career.

Her road to success, however, was not any easy one. She began working at restaurants such as Via Mare and Le Souffle, handling jobs in cold kitchen, pastry and hotline cooking. With the goal of making a name for herself in the culinary scene, she persevered and rose through the ranks to became store manager and eventually, executive chef by age 23. It was during this time that she promised herself that in ten years’ time, she would be running her own restaurant.

“I was right on schedule with my goal,” Chef Florabel shares “After almost nine years of working and learning, I opened my first restaurant in 2005. It was so overwhelming, yet the changes that came with this venture were also very liberating.”

Now, Chef Florabel runs a total of six restaurants and is considered one of the top restaurateurs in the industry. With a thriving business and a young family to take care of, balancing the demands of both work and home can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, she found the perfect partner to help her manage her busy schedule – the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest model in the brand’s pioneering phablet category. Succeeding the Note 3, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features an array of new innovations which enriches its user's smartphone experience. 

For Chef Florabel, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s QHD Super AMOLED display serves as a big help for accomplishing daily tasks. Delivering a clearer, richer viewing experience, the Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7” screen allows for more room for multitasking on the device. “Having a screen that’s crisp, clear and large enough to run multiple apps at once is really convenient,” said Chef Florabel “I don’t need to jump from one app to another ‘cause I can access everything I need with one click. I don’t have to struggle to see or understand what’s on the screen ‘cause everything is so sharp!”

Another innovative feature that makes Chef Florabel’s busy life easier is the Galaxy Note 4’s enhanced S-Pen. The S-Pen delivers a superb touch and feel experience, much like a pen on paper, and allows things to be done with greater precision. The convenience of the S-Pen feature of the Galaxy Note 4 has virtually eliminated the need for paper in Chef Florabel’s daily life. “I take photos of my notes then it’s already digital, ready for sending. I don’t need to type it anymore. I can even add comments using my S-pen. Even better, I can take notes directly! It’s really a time-saving feature!” she gushes.

Chef Florabel’s busy schedule keeps her on the go most of the time, attending meetings, organizing food photo shoots, and managing her restaurants. This on-the-go lifestyle also means that being reachable at all times is very important to her, which is why the Galaxy Note 4’s improved battery life and Ultra Power Saving mode is one of her most favorite features.

“It’s a lot of fun being on the go but it really does put a strain on your phone’s battery life” she shares. “Luckily, the Galaxy Note 4’s battery performance is superb and, in the event that I am caught without a charger, I can use the Ultra Power Saving mode to still access the basic functions of my phone, even at 10%.”

With the level of success Chef Florabel has attained, it comes as no surprise that she has gained a number of fans, most notably on social media. With almost 20,000 followers enjoying the food posts on her Instagram account, she credits the improved camera of the Galaxy Note 4 which allows her to take better, clearer photos of her cooking adventures. The Galaxy Note 4 has also helped her share with her followers her third passion which is globetrotting and trying out the different cuisines that each country has to offer.

This high-end smartphone has a lot of great features that anyone can find very useful in their everyday life, whether one's a cook or still finding his/her passion.

How about you? How can Samsung Galaxy Note 4 help you become more successful in your endeavor?

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