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ECS upgrades LIVA mini-pc to LIVA X

Elitegroup Computer Systems or ECS proudly announces their new LIVA mini PC, the LIVA X! The new LIVA X mini-pc is so small that it can fit the palm of your hands, yet powerful enough to work as a desktop computer.

The new LIVA X mini-pc was announced January 16 in Taipei, Taiwan as a successor to ECS 1st-gen LIVA mini computer.

This newly released LIVA X still carries the fan-less design, low-power consumption technology and quiet performance. No need to worry about high temperature fiasco and expensive liquid cooling system.

LIVA X now carries 4K HD video support, which is a must as it's becoming a norm for video. It's also released with a more stylish casing with an X-like prism on top.

For Windows 7 users who would like to stick with this Windows platform, no worries. LIVA X supports not only 8 and 8.1 but also Windows 7. This mini-computer also supports Linux and Ubuntu operating systems,

The LIVA X has a power of 64-bit Dual core 2.25 GHz processor and has either 2GB/4GB DDR3 RAM which is good enough to run your applications with ease. It's also ready to get connected to available WiFi connection. Your Bluetooth accessories like mouse, keyboard and even speakers shouldn't be a problem.

This mini-PCis a true space-saver and can be placed almost anywhere, unlike those big machines that looks like your travel luggage. LIVA X still has dual video support  and 32/64 internal storage. You can connect an mSATA SSD storage to expand your saving capability

With this release, ECS knows that tablets and laptops shouldn't only be the ones to be portable. LIVA X mini computers are answered prayers for desktop users who want to literally downsize w/o sacrificing computer power.

Pricing and preloaded software for LIVA X bundles are still in the know. Keep us bookmarked for the availability and pricing of LIVA X in the Philippines. One thing for sure, it will hit the Philippine shores soon!

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