Zomato Foodie BucketList 2015: 21 Things to do before dining

Zomato listed down 21 things to do will let you expand your dine-in and eat out habits. A  Food-lovers guide just for you.

We create lists not only to remember something, but also to challenge yourself to achieve and accomplish the things on the list. A to do list that needs focus and determination until you've done them all. There's Things to do before 30, Things to do before you die(which we find scary. We just love life!), Things to do before getting married, etc. We create a bucket-list or perhaps just copy them from a trusted source, and then execute them one by one.

There's no actual prize or free brand new car, if you've accomplished all the things in your bucket-list. It's more of a personal fulfillment and gratification.

Zomato Foodie Bucket List for 2015

Zomato created its own Food-Lovers Bucketlist for 2015. A list of things that you should try as you emboss yourself in a new foodie journey for this year. You can print out this checklist and save it on your phone or tablet. We have 365 days in a year, and you still have the rest of the year to complete your 2015 foodie bucket list. Don't make it too serious. Have fun while you complete the list.

So instead of just going out and just randomly select to the available resto and fast food, why not plan it ahead, follow The Zomato Food-Lovers Bucket List. One thing for sure, it will take your Food-tasting, gastronomic adventure to the next level.

Zomato Foodie Meetup

And yes, it's already 2015, we should also include stop saying FOODS, it should simply food. If you're still saying it as Foods, this should be your number 22.

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