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Kameleonz to release Aviator line of Interchangeable Glasses

Kameleonz, the line of cool sunglasses that gives users the option to personalize their outdoor glasses depending on mood or occasion, is about to release something new.

Kameleonz Aviator Sunglasses
Kameleonz Aviator SunGlasses

Kameleonz Philippines hints us with this teaser poster of their upcoming line of Sunglasses, the Aviator. The Aviator style sunglasses has been popularized by Rayban way way back and has been a personal favorite for many. You may have also seen it on Top Gun, where Tom Cruise wore it with style making himself the best person to wear it right!

Kameleonz Sunglasses offers unique way of creating your own pair, as you switch its sidearms to a different color and style. Each pair of sidearms creates a new look that adds glitter on what you wear, or activity that you're about to accomplish. Having the Aviator-style glasses will gives it fans more options. Also the capability to change, interchange/mix pair of sidearms over the other w/o the need of buying an new frame, is definitely budget-friendly but doesn't limit ones style.

The Kameleonz glasses pricing starts at 1000PHP that already includes a frame and a pair of sidearms. While each pair Kameleonz sidearms starts at 250. They also have bundled offers where you either get extra pair of sidearms included in the package, or get extra frames and sidearms.

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