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Unboxed Series by Henry's:UNBOX, TOUCH, CREATE

Henrys Camera & Photo Supply treats us with something different last week for a private gadget unboxing meetup.

An intimate session with the hottest, trendy cameras and gadget that fashionable and techy people dig in today!

Unlike the usual events that we visit, this is not a product launch. It's more of getting intimate, up-close and personal with the latest available gizmos in town. There were several brand who supported the event and showcased their products to the attendees.

Here's a glimpse of what happened during the 1st Henrys Unboxed Series.

We got the chance to inspect and test the features of the latest offerings from brands such as Canon, AEE(MagiCam), Fujifilm, SanDisk, GoPro Cameras, Samsung, and even DJI Phantom RCs. During the Unboxing, Raffle Prize were also given. One of the notable raffle prized items won, was a Gouache Henry Bag.  It's one of the freebies offered by Henrys for every purchase of Fujifilm X Cameras.

Henry's Unboxed Series, Unboxing Cameras

Henrys, for those who don't know, also joined the recent Blogapalooza 2014, which introduced brands and companies to online bloggers and help them create more impact to their consumers turned-into-fans and followers.

This is the first Unboxed Series that we've attended and wont be the last, as we support Henry's goal in making consumers happy with their gadgets minus the headache of over-priced products. We're looking forward on the succeeding Unboxed Series from Henrys that will surely tickle your techy tastebuds.

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