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Funko Pop Matrix Vinyl Figs now for pre-order, ETA 2015

The hottest craze now in toy collecting, FUNKO POP Vinyl Figures by Funko, releases another line of Vinyl Figures based from the movie Matrix

Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and the infamous Agent Smith, the main casting of the said movie with fascinating animation, high-flying fighting scenes and who can forget the MATRIX back bend. We know that you tried the Matrix back bend after watching the movie.
The Matrix Funko Pop Vinyl Figures
Blue pill or Red pill?
Though it's more than a decade now, Matrix fans won't forget what its like to be in the Matrix, and what super powers you can do, if you're the One!

These collectibles should be available sometime next year(2nd Quarter of 2015). You may now Pre-order via Big Boys Toy Store . Pre-order price for these Matrix Funko Pop Vinyl Figures is PHP 495 - 595, ETA April 2015.

Big Boys Toy Store, is one of the most trusted toy shops in the metro and also carry other mainstream lines of collectibles such as Nendoroid, Kotobukiya, Gundam Kits, etc.

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