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Free Measles and Polio vaccination for Pinoy kids

Free Measles and Polio vaccination will be given to children ranging from 5 years old and below. From September 1- 30 parents can take advantage of this vaccination against the two diseases that are usually seen on kids at a younger age.

Ligtas sa Tigdas 2014

Just bring your kids to the nearest health center in your area to get the shots. This is the Philippine government and its health agencies drive against Polio and Measles. Let's now waste time, we don't want to act late and regret not getting the right vaccine for our children and loved ones!

The the official video below about the Department of Health's Measles Campaign for Year 2014

As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than Cure!" Participate in DOH's Measles Campaign 2014, and help our Pinoy kids reach their dreams!
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