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Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4, NOTE Edge, Gear S & Gear VR unveiled

Samsung has change the way we use mobile computing. From Galaxy S in 2010, to Galaxy Note 2011, and Galaxy Gear 2013. How about 2014? What new offerings from Samsung can we expect?

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4
Galaxy NOTE 4 and the new S Pen

September 3, 2014 Manila, together with other 3 countries, Samsung announced not 1 nor 2, but 4 new devices under its name. Through a special live stream session at The Den, Marriott Hotel, we're taken live at the Samsung Unpacked 2014  in Berlin. All under Samsung's Galaxy line of products

Samsung Unpacked 2014
Samsung Unpacked 2014 EP2

Changing possibilities, innovation, and keeping that forward move in providing trendsetting products is Samsung's goal on every creation it makes. One thing remains constant.. Samsung keeps on creating, innovating and "We will never slow down".

There are 4 products featured at the 2nd Episode of Samsung Unpacked 2014. New offerings from Samsung that makes the new line up of Samsung's mobile computing devices on the top!

Today, Samsung just unveiled the future of mobile computing: The new Galaxy NOTE 4, Galaxy NOTE Edge, Galaxy GEAR S,  and Galaxy GEAR VR.

Galaxy NOTE 4
The new Galaxy NOTE 4
The new Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 is set to be released in the Philippine market by mid October of 2014.  As of now no actual pricing on how much it will be offered in the market. But stay tuned, for the updates via our FB page

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A special edition of Galaxy NOTE 4, Galaxy NOTE Edge features extended screen that adds accessibility to more options that most big screen 'Phablets' don't currently have. Unfortunately it was mentioned that the Galaxy NOTE Edge will only be available on select markets. So let's keep our fingers crossed for now.

Galaxy GEAR VR
Galaxy GEAR VR glam shot
The new wearable device from Samsung that takes advantage of Virtual Reality, taking you to a life-like viewing experience.
Galaxy GEAR S
Galaxy GEAR S
The new wearable smart watch, the Galaxy GEAR S is another first from Samsung that is no longer dependent on your paired smartphone. Make calls and SMS right on the device itself.

With this announcement of Samsung's new Galaxy offerings puts them ahead of the competition for now. Let's see how the rival android manufacturers will respond.

Overall, no one can deny the tasty features of the new Galaxy NOTE 4 and NOTE Edge. You can't blame us if we want them both.
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