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iPhone 6 to be released on September 9: True or False?

We just had our own Apple 5s smartphone 4 months ago, then rumors spread like a speeding bullet that a new iPhone is on its way. Promising a bigger screen, powerful processor, virtually unbreakable and scratch-resistant display, the new iPhone is set to meet the demands of its users.

iPhone 6 compared to iPhone 5s
rumored iPhone 6 compared to 5s. Photo from
A few months back, we read rumors that the new iPhone will come in 3 different sizes, but as the months progress it came down to two. It is expected that iPhone 6 will be offer in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display, powered by an A8 chip processor and will carry the iOS 8.
Others felt that switching to the other side will sweeten the deal as Samsung, LG already offers bendable LED screens on their high-end smartphones. While Xiaomi (Mi 3 , Mi 4), Oppo which are also android-based smartphones, treat users with powerful engines, strong-built yet sleek outer body, at lower prices.
iPhone 6 release date
iPhone 6 release date

Last year, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iOS 7 were released on September 10, a Tuesday. So we’re getting a hint that they may also go for the same 2nd Tuesday of September for this year, thus iPhone 6 release date of September 10, became the most feasible release date. But still, it will be up to Apple when they want to have it publicly announced.
Whatever that date is, more likely that both iOS8 and the new iPhone, iPhone 6 will be unveiled on the same day. Just to mention, sales report says that though iPhone 5s had a rough competition when the Samsung Galaxy S5 was unveiled, the brand who Steve Jobs once built, came triumphant at the end.
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