4DX Cinemas in the Philippines: Where to find them, ticket pricing

4DX Cinemas in PH, location, pricing and what it's like to watch in this modern-age movie theater
The best cinema experience so far in a Movie theater can be found on a 4DX Cinema. Instead of just plainly sitting at a movie theater, 4DX brings you to the scene and action where you can see, hear and feel the movie scene differently

Back then, we used to only hear the word 4DX if you go to theme parks like Disneyland. Now it can be considered as your high-end staple for cinema goers. If you want to get into the action and enjoy your favorite movie, 4DX should already be in your vocabulary.

4DX Cinemas in the Philippines

I first got the chance to try it at an event where they played Spider-Man: The Homecoming. The lights turned dim and eventually went off, and set of lights start flashing as the Marvel clip starts playing. Fortunate for me it's also in 3D. It's Spider-Man and I've been following every Spiderman movie since Toby Maguire Spiderman days. So for us each Spiderman movie is special. But not this one, it's and extra special and surreal. It's like we're the camera man on a movie set, capturing every move of our friendly neighbor Spiderman.

The seats move and somewhat sync to the scene. If there's fire or smoke you'll smell and feel it.  If there's snow you'll see  and feel it. If there's water splash...you'll know what will happen next.

Tip: Don't eat or drink too much before heading to the 4DX Cinemas. You'll feel the food juggling inside your stomach and may give uncomfortable experience instead of a magical one

We list down the location of the all the 4DX Cinemas in the Philippines, and so far here are the cinemas that cater them:

  • Bonifacio High Street -Cinema 4
  • Greenbelt 3 in Cinema 5
  • U.P. Town Center in Cinema 5

You could've noticed that there's one designated cinema for the 4DX format. Therefore it's easy for us to track if the movie that we want to watch will be available in 4DX. If you want to avoid long lines, reserve and pay in advance for your 4DX tickets by going to sureseats.com. There are cinemas there where you can reserve seats and just pay when you get there, while others require payment though credit card(VISA/Mastercard).

As far as we know the ticket price for 4DX Cinemas is PHP 500.00 per ticket no matter what the movie is. It doesn't matter if its 3D or not. We watched  Kingsman: The Golden Circle in 4DX and it's not in 3D format. Still it's in 4DX and we were deeply immersed into the movie. Every fight scene and car chases, you can feel the intensity. Our seats keeps on shaking the whole time! It's just wow.

Thor: Ragnarok is also showing in 4DX. It's like hitting two birds with one stone as it's also shown in 3D format. There are explosions and fire in the movie so expect smoke and smell of a burning object. Don't worry you won't suffocate nor even hyperventilate.

If you want a different movie experience, 4DX is your next stop. It's literally a mind-blowing experience. Don't take my word for it. We want you to try it out. We're just here to share the experience. There's one in Makati, one in BGC, Taguig and one in Quezon City. 

Justice League and Starwars: The Last Jedi will also show in 4DX format so stay tuned. Haven't watch a movie in 4DX? Time to experience one. We'll even join you if you need a companion, just don't forget to shoulder our tickets. :)

[Update 7/2022]  Thor Love and Thunder is available in 4DX format at Ayala Malls Greenbelt 3 and Ayala Malls U.P Town Center

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