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GrabTaxiPh extends No Booking Fee Promo

GrabTaxiPH extends the Independence Day No Booking Fee promo until the 30th of June.  
June 12, together with the commemoration of Independence, GrabTaxi Philippines announced its Independence Promo where Grab Taxi users in the country can book their rides at No Booking fee for 12 rides. Yet timeflies and that 24 hours were just like minutes.

GrabTaxiPH Freedom Promo Code Poster
The code to unlock the NO BOOKING FEE Promo

Good thing, GrabTaxiPh extends its No Booking Fee promo until the 30th of June, 2014. Yes, you can enjoy this offer for up to 12 rides on different destinations. 

How to enjoy this extended no Booking Fee promo from GrabTaxi? Simple. Follow this easy steps and get that hassle-free ride only from GrabTaxi.

How to get your No Booking Fee ride from +GrabTaxi Philippines?

1. Download the GrabTaxi app for iOs/Android
2. Launch the App 

GrabTaxi Dashboard for iOS

3. Enter the location where you want to pick-up
4. Put in your destination address

5. Key in the GrabTaxi Promo code: FREEDOM
6. Press Confirm Booking button

GrabTaxi App confirmation page

Just wait for the confirmation details which be sent via SMS and email. Enjoy 12 rides from cabs that are powered GrabTaxi App for taxi. 

This promo is good only in greater Manila area, and won't work in the provinces. For GrabCar users this promo is not yet offered but stay tuned for upcoming surprises.

Our personal experience with GrabTaxi Freedom Promo

We've used 1 out of these 12 rides, however we had a bit of sweet and sour experience. We were able to book the ride, FREEDOM code works! But when we reach one of our destinations, the cab driver says he's not aware of the promo. So we were the ones who informed him about the promo, yet he insists that no promo exist. So we just told him that he shouldn't worry since he won't be charged. He didn't also choose to end the ride on his GrabTaxi App, which somewhat prohibit us from submitting our feedback via the app which should work once the driver confirms that we reached the drop off. 

Yes, we were in the process of reporting this case but the submit button was grayed out, so we were forced to just end the application.

The very next day almost the same instance occurred. The FREEDOM was accepted by the app, but unfortunately, the driver's phone hangs. According to the driver, the phone froze and he needed to restart. When asked if he was aware of the promo or if he received the message from GrabTaxi, he said he didn't and I need to pay the Booking Fee. So we argued and told him that there's a running promo, and we are blogging about, etc.

In the end, the cab driver agreed, though we felt that he's telling the truth and he must not received the authorization when his phone crashes, so we gave him the tip anyway. Nope, less than the booking fee!

There's a lot to improve despite this technical advancement. But the App gets  enough updates and bug fixes. Overall, the GrabTaxi  app saves you time and keeps you away from long lines. And we personally experienced those moments where we use the GrabTaxi app, booked a cab, got picked up from taxi lane, left everyone wondering, "Why didn't we use GrabTaxi?"

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