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New AKG Y series headphones & earphones to be unveiled

AKG Philippines is about to release a new line of Y-series headphones and earphones with exciting new colors and design but keeps the AKG sound on each pair

  • AKG Y10- Available in Teal, White and Brown color. The oxygen-free cables run for 1m, long enough to place on the pant's pockets.  The AKG Y10 earphones look like the replacement for the budget-friendly yet dependable AKG K309 and AKG K311(which we own) open-ear headphones
AKG Y10 different colors

  • AKG Y15 - Lightweight, smartphone-compatible portable earphones that delivers AKG-signature sound. Available in Iris, Black and White variant. Each AKG Y15 earphones have built-in remote control to easily power up or lower down the volume. The cables are oxygen-free which should make it more durable and has a length of 1m.
AKG Y15 earphones

  • AKG Y50 -  loaded with 40mm drivers, the new line of AKG headphones promises defined-bass sound and experience. Each pair has a detachable 1.2m long cable with built-in mic and remote. The AKG Y50 is available in 4 colors: Black, Yellow, Teal and Red. Is this the overhaul and upgraded version AKG K45x line?
AKG Y50 headphones
They are said to be officially released locally come July or August of this year, 2014.You can already take a glance and see some of them through the following JBL stores:

JBL Acoustical Space - SM Megamall Cyberzone, 919-6012
JBL Sound Gallery - B3, Bonifacio High Street, 856-5041

JBL Digital Dreams - SM North Annex, Cyberzone, 738-2554

Stay tuned for news and pricing about these 3 new line of headphone-system by AKG.

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