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BOSE unveils Freestyle Earbuds and SoundTrue headphones

Bose Philippines unveils three new headphones that hail the mixture of signature Bose performance matched with new style options.

Introducing Bose 3 new products:
  • The FreeStyle™ earbuds or earphones
  • SoundTrue™ On-Ear headphones
  • SoundTrue™ Around-Ear headphones
 All 3 were engineered to give you the best of all worlds:  deep and clear audio, superior durability and comfort, plus the addition of more colors and artistic designs that is modern and  full of energy.

Bose FreeStyle™ earbuds new products for 2014

The FreeStyle™ earbuds and SoundTrue™ on-ear and around-ear headphones carries the Bose® TriPort® acoustic headphone structure also found in their predecessors, a winning formula that make these cans deliver powerful low notes, clear high-frequencies, and smooth, full-range reproduction of vocals and instruments. With the TriPort technology, these Bose SoundTrue™ On-Ear and Around-Ear headphones give you the best experience when listening to your favorite music, no matter what genre it is, without the need to get separate headphone/earphone amplifiers

“We've researched headphone audio for over 30 years for one reason:  to offer a better experience,” said Sean Garrett, Vice President of the Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group.  “Now, that renowned Bose experience includes new looks -- another chapter in the Bose headphone story.  We sweat the details on color, fit and finish, just as we did our audio engineering, to make the SoundTrue headphones and FreeStyle earbuds an extension of you.  Put them on, find your playlist, and listen for yourself.”    

Bose SoundTrue™ On-Ear and Around-ear headphones

The FreeStyle™ earbuds and SoundTrue™ headphones are equipped with an inline remote and microphone that that are made and works efficiently with most iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® models, making hands-free talk, switching between calls and music a seamless experience.

FreeStyle™ Earbuds

The FreeStyle™ earbuds comes in 2 cool colors Indigo and Ice Blue.  They are equipped with proprietary Bose StayHear®(stay here) tips packaged with three sizes. the tips spread contact evenly across the ears and conform naturally to their shape, creating a stable and personalized fit.  Hydrophobic cloth covers the acoustic ports for moisture resistance, and the cables are constructed to withstand wear and tear. 

SoundTrue™ Headphones

Bose offers SoundTrue™ on-ear and around-ear headphones in Black, White, Mint, and  two-tone designs of Purple/Mint (on-ear headphones only) and Black/Mint (around-ear headphones only).  They feature a reinforced headband with soft cushion and foam ear cups with a variation of matching and patterned scrim colors, and fit comfortably regardless of head size. These SoundTrue™ around-ear headphones fold flat, and SoundTrue™ on-ear headphones fold up for easy transport. If you own a Bose OE2(On-Ear) headphones you know what we are talking about.  They're lightweight and portable  enough to carry yet built to withstand everyday use. 

These Bose FreeStyle™ earbuds and SoundTrue™ on-ear and around-ear headphones are bundled with great looking carrying case that matches the design and color of your choice.

Bose SoundTrue™ OE and AE headphones comes with these colorful carrying case that never goes out of style

These 3 exciting product line are now available through Bose Stores nationwide:

SoundTrue On-Ear and Around-Ear Headphones are priced at 
Php 8500.00 (Available in Black, White, Mint and Black Mint)

FreeStyle earbuds are priced at
Php 6500.00 (Available in Ice Blue and Indigo colors)

FreeStyle™ earbuds Ice Blue package content
FreeStyle™ earbuds Ice Blue comes with 3 ear tips and a stylish pouch

Make sure to get your original and authentic earphones and headphones only from Bose Stores and authorized dealers!

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  1. The bose soundsport free are the enterprise giant's first honestly wireless earbuds. they've a light-weight body with an ipx4 score for water resistance, a seamless fit, and as much as a rather staggering 5 hours of battery existence. the bundled battery case offers an extra 10 hours of wireless tunes.


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