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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C offers from Globe and Smart come November 15

Come November 15, Friday, the two largest cellular networks in the country will start offering the much awaited new iPhones from Apple, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Yes, Smart and Globe will start offering the two new iPhones and as of the moment they already up their registration form so users can sign-up.

They're now giving the chance for us to sign-up and be the first to know. In reality this will give the two big networks to see how much pips are willing to fall in line to get the two new iPhone models.

For Globe, you may sign-up here:
5S: iPhone 5S reg form link
5C:iPhone 5C reg form

For Smart, you may sign-up here:
iPhone 5S and 5C: Smart iPhone 5S and 5C reg form

Just like a grand concert where everyone is so excited to get the piece of their favorite star.

Smart offers iPhone 5S and 5C

Globe offers iPhone 5S and 5C

Now Pinoys are going crazy with this great news, as they ready to get themselves tied up for another exciting 2-year + contract.

The questions is, which plan do you think these phones will be offered? How much would be the cash-out? As much as you do, we can't wait to for the event launch of these two exciting phones from Apple.

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