Five Reasons to switch to an eSIM with Smart now


Still holding onto your microSIM? It's time for an upgrade! Get to know why switching to an eSIM is the smart choice for today's mobile users. 📲💡

Do you have an eSIM-capable device but are still unsure whether you should upgrade to an eSIM? Here are five compelling reasons to finally switch to a Smart eSIM and maximize its benefits.

1. You can keep your current number when you switch to a Smart eSIM. No, you won’t have to give up your current number when you switch to a Smart eSIM. Whether you are a Smart or non-Smart subscriber, you can now upgrade to a Smart eSIM and still keep your number. This means you don’t have to go through the tedious process of informing all your contacts about your number, or painstakingly update all the social media apps, e-wallets, and banking apps linked to your number.

2. You can conveniently transfer your Smart eSIM to another device. Say, you want to switch phones or upgrade to a new handset, all you have to do is first delete your existing eSIM Profile on your old device, then re-scan the QR code containing your eSIM profile, and your account will be up and running in no time. Just make sure that your new device is open-line and eSIM-capable. 

3. You can easily upgrade to a Smart eSIM, and conveniently keep your QR code in your email. Upgrading to a Smart eSIM is simple and easy. If you are a Smart Prepaid subscriber, you can switch to an eSIM for only Php99 by presenting your physical SIM and any valid government ID at the nearest Smart Store. On the other hand, Smart Signature subscribers and Smart Infinity members may upgrade to an eSIM by heading to any Smart Store.

Meanwhile, if you are a non-Smart subscriber, you can also upgrade to Smart Prepaid eSIM without changing your number by obtaining your Unique Subscriber Code from your current network provider and submitting the required documents – such as a valid government ID, a screenshot of your current balance, and a signed application form, among others – to the nearest Smart Store.

Once you have secured your Smart eSIM, you can conveniently keep the QR code containing your eSIM profile in your email for future reference or use.

4. You can access innovative and value-packed offers with a Smart eSIM. If you are a non-Smart subscriber, switching to a Smart eSIM unlocks access to a host of innovative and value-packed offers, such as Power All, All Data, and Magic Data, which offer bigger data allocation, longer validity, and no expiry, respectively, to suit everyone's digital lifestyle. Being a Smart subscriber also means enjoying exclusive perks and epic experiences, including access to the biggest concerts, groundbreaking events, and exciting promos that are accessible on the Smart App.

5. You can experience the Philippines’ Best 5G Coverage and 5G Availability. By upgrading to a Smart eSIM, you can experience Smart's award-winning mobile network, which was recently recognized for delivering the Philippines’ Best 5G Coverage and Best 5G Availability by independent network analytics from Opensignal. Smart’s Best 5G Coverage and 5G Availability empowers customers to instantly upload and share photos, reels, or stories; post epic concert, festival, and travel experiences, enjoy an advantage over their peers while playing their favorite mobile games with 5G’s low-latency; and stream series and movies in Ultra-HD without interruption.

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