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Regine and Nate Alcasid joins the Jollibee Family!

Get ready to Welcome Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Nate the new Celebrity Endorsers of a Brand we have come to Love. Regine and Nate are the newest member of the Jollibee Family along with other stars.

They are introduced with a heart warming Jolly Spagetti TV AD that shows Regine as a Celebrity on Stage and a Mother to Nate after the stage lights goes out.

In the commercial, Regine revisits a familiar Scene – A Full Concert Auditorium with thousands of adoring fans with a sweet-sarap surprise backstage for Nate. The Ad goes on to show us how special moment grow between Mother and Son, With Regine Narrating how having a son sheds new light on a Day to Day Situations.

This is not the first time Regine and Nate worked together for an endorsement but Regine believe their AD together with Jollibee is the most special. “The Story Board is so touching and very personal. It shows my different roles as Regine, but it also shows that my greatest one is being a mom, which is the most difficult yest most fulliling role I have to play.” Regine Shared.

During the first review of the story board, Regine shared: "Umiyak talaga ako. I said 'pinag-isipan talaga nila.' I’ve never done anything like this, a commercial that celebrates my being a career wowan and a mom."

Regine also shared that this Jollibee ad inspired by her real life and her thoughts about being a mom. “In the ad, there is a line where I say 'Sa lahat ng kinantahanko, ikaw lang ang nakatulog.' That’s True Talaga! He really sleeps whenever I sing to him.It’s like they captured our real lives!", Regine said!

One of the favorite bonding activities of Regine and Nate is to talk to each other before Bed.”He always has a lot of kwento for me at night.” She said. “We also play with toys but the’re not really toys,” Nate shared.”It’s called Amenities.”

Regine also shared that how Nate loves hotel supplies like toothbrushes. She said “So one time I was travelling, I brought everything back to him. He was so happy, akala mo binigyan ko ng special gift. To him it was really special because he knows I remembered him. I then realized, you can buy all the toys you can think of, but what they really want is more time with you.”

Regine also candidly shared that when it’s time for merienda Nate would say “I want one Jolly Spagetti, two Chickenjoy legs, and two fries.” And when she is not at home, Nate would ask to order Jollibee and pay for it with his own money! “Hindi niya na ako hihintayin!” She said.

It’s no wonder why Nate and other Pinoy Kids Love Jolly Spagetti. With it’s aldente noodles topped with Jollibee’s unique sweet sarap souce, meaty hotdog slices and a generous amount of grated cheese.

With its unique sweet-sarap, flavors have always had a distinctive place in the hearts of filipino kids and kids at heart. Moment spent with loved once over a plate of Jolly Spagetti are made sweeter,more fun and more special.

Like Regine and Nate, make your family bonding more special with the sweet-sarap na walang katulad Jolly Spagetti. Jolly Spagetti solo retails for only P50.00. while the Jolly Spagetti Pan that’s good for 4-5 persons for P190.00. Both are available in all Jollibee Stores nationwide for Dine In, take out, delivery and drive thru.

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