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Johnnie Walker launches JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab series

Johnnie Walker introduces the JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab series to provide new experiences and venues where they can grow their passions and craft.

Through a series of workshops and events, JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab provides a platform for local trailblazers, artists, and entrepreneurs from different fields to showcase their craft, and in turn, inspire others to do so as well.

"The Johnnie Walker brand was built on the Walker family’s progressive & pioneering spirit. They always pushed the boundaries of creativity – both blending & entrepreneurial,” shares Cesar Gangoso, Marketing Director for Johnnie Walker. “This progressive & pioneering spirit remains at the heart of Johnnie Walker, and as a brand, it is our mission to inspire our consumers to do the same.”

#JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab Series was officially launched last Thursday, April 12 2018 at Burgos Circle in BGC. At the media launch of #JohnnieWeekend. Johnnie Walker brought together soul-jazz music producer Lustbass, Filipino Funk band IV of Spades, and multi-disciplinary visual artist Multiverse to collaborate for an audio-visual show that creatively blends the best of what they do.

JohnnieWeekend Creators
IV of Spades / Lust Bass / Multiverse
Inspired by classic music genres, Lustbass and IV of Spades both provided a modern take on disco, jazz, soul, and funk, while Multiverse, led by its founder Derek Tumala, played with holographic projections and LED technology to bring to life the two acts and elevate the visual experience of the show.

“We want to highlight artists who are always moving forward with their craft. We collaborated with Mvltiverse, IV of Spades, and Lustbass because they continue to inspire and push the envelope in music and modern art and they perfectly embody what the JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab series is all about,” adds Gangoso.

From food to film, music to sports - Johnnie Walker will continue to collaborate with local trailblazers who continue to make a mark in their chosen fields.A new installment for the Johnnie Weekend Creators Lab series will be introduced every month, where like-minded people can come together, share passions and thoughts over a glass of Johnnie Walker.

To know more about Johnnie Weekend, you can check out the JohnnieWalkerPH page on Facebook for more details.

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