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TELUS hosted “Tech Room” highlighting the latest trends and solutions in the IT industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been touted as one of the major challenges for information technology (IT) companies including business process outsourcing companies (BPO) in the Philippines, as well as abroad.
Which is why, as technology expert has quoted; AI is the biggest reason why companies are adapting it for competitive advantage among its contemporaries.

L-R: TELUS International Philippines VP for IT Outsourcing RS Nalakumar, TELUS International Director for IT Outsourcing-Application Delivery Hugo Sampaio, TELUS Director for Information Services Joanne Jackson, Founder of Portfolio of Fintech and Healthcare Technology Ventures Mario Domingo, TELUS VP for Development and Support Carla Thomas, LinkedIn Regional Sales Manager-Talent Solutions in Asia Atul Harisanka and TELUS International VP for IT Outsourcing Paul Egger in TELUS Tech Room 2017

“The IT industry is among the many industries which will be largely be affected by the advent of AI, followed by customer service and BPO operations, then media and telecom companies”, Mario Domingo, founder of Portfolio of Fintech and Healthcare Technology Ventures, said.

TELUS International Philippines has recently hosted “Tech Room” event to bring together the leading tech experts across the globe to talk about the latest trends and solutions in the IT industry, and how companies like TELUS utilize them for the benefit of a more flexible global community.

While many fear that AI will disrupt operations in the Philippines and cause difficulties with employment, Domingo reassured that automation can help upgrade tech systems and make it easier for companies to provide services whilst maintaining a high-quality of output.

He even shared his own experience, as example, building an acoustics system that profiles ships and boats for the United States Navy, as well as leading the design and execution of the digital transformation of Globe Telecom, including its services Autoload Max and GCash, plus a customer profiling tool.

To maximize the benefits of automation, Domingo said companies who wish to invest in it should be guided by industry leaders.

"If you want to leverage on artificial intelligence, you have to be hosted by a larger company with a vision and the impetus to drive innovation forward," he said.

He added, IT professionals should be able to utilize AI with only three things in mind: an old problem that needs a new solution, the necessary big data, and the drive to innovate.

TELUS International Philippines is a leading BPO and IT outsourcing company in the country, and is known for its advocacy towards life and work balance for its employees and for providing high-quality BPO and IT outsourcing services to global brands in Canada, US and other European countries.

TELUS offers a wide array of career opportunities that span from BPO analysts, contact center agents, to IT professionals.

To know more about TELUS International Philippines, you can visit or go through its social media accounts, and!

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