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Smilegate Entertainment Announces CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA 2016

Two big Crossfire events are about to go down this October: CFS2016 Philippine National Finals and CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA

Smilegate Entertainment has announced its global tournament CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA (CROSSFIRE STARS INVITATIONAL MANILA) for the online FPS game CROSSFIRE.

CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA will be cohosted by Smilegate Entertainment and ESL, the world’s largest eSports company, and will take place in SMX Convention Center in Manila, Philippines from October 15th to 16th.
  • CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA to take place in Manila, Philippines on October 15th and 16th, cohosted by Smilegate Entertainment and ESL

  • 4 teams from China, Brazil, Philippines, and Vietnam will compete for total prize pool of $30,000


4 teams from China, Brazil, Philippines, and Vietnam, countries where CROSSFIRE pro leagues are running will compete for a total prize pool of $30,000 USD.

In the preliminary stage, 4 teams will compete under the Round Robin format to determine team rankings. Teams will play matches in accordance to their ranking for the main event.

The CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA is the first CF event that Smilegate hosts with a global eSports organizer. ESL is the world’s leading eSports event organizer with vast experience in producing global events, held in iconic venues around the world and in ESL studios. With their expertise and extensive know-how, ESL will bring stellar production value to CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA. Starting with the CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA, Smilegate will further cooperate with ESL to expand CROSSFIRE eSports globally.

‘CFS INVITATIONAL’ is one of CROSSFIRE’s official eSports tournaments along with ‘CROSSFIRE STARS’. Smilegate Entertainment launched CFS INVITATIONAL to provide more opportunities for CROSSFIRE teams and players in the world. Launched last year in Brazil and Vietnam, CFS INVITATIONAL will take place in Philippines this year for the first time.

Sue Jong, Smilegate Entertainment eSports director, stated that “’CFS INVITATIONAL’ was created to expand tournaments within CROSSFIRE to bring enjoyment to global fans.” He also added that “Smilegate Entertainment will put its utmost effort to develop CROSSFIRE eSports by expanding its tournaments in cooperation with global eSports organizers.”

CFS2016 Philippine National Finals

More information on ‘CFS INVITATIONAL MANILA’ can be found on the official CFS website

CFS Invitational Manila will be held at SMX Convention Center right after CFS National Finals on October 14, 2016.

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