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Best Features of OPPO F1s

As you already know the Oppo F1s is 5.5-inch smartphone released by OPPO that is ready to challenge its competitor models in its class, even beyond! A powerful smartphone that can almost do anything. Therefore, here are the Best Feature of OPPO F1s that we think you should know.

The OPPO F1s comes in Gold and Rose Gold variants. The base android OS is 5.1 (Lollipop), where it tops by Oppo's own ColorOS 3.0 providing rich and colorful user-interface, that also promises faster handling of apps and loading of photos. Aside from having a fast and powerful Octa-core processor, the F1s has a lot of features under its sleeve.

OPPO F1S Best Features

Here are the Best Features of OPPO F1s worth taking note of so far:

Big Display yet thin and light enough

The big display, 5.5-inch in size can display 16 million colors making any pictures or videos stunning to look at. Despite the bigger display, it maintains the thinness and just 160 grams in weight making it just right to hold it with your bare hands.

13MP Rear Camera with bigger image sensor and large Aperture

The main camera has a 1/3" image sensor. This takes advantage of its large aperture that accepts enough light even during cases that there's not enough light source. In case you're not satisfied w/ the brightness, it can be increased and adjusted by just using your finger. Whether it's a group picture or a night landscape, the OPPO F1s  can save this memories in detail. During selfies, there's an option for the screen to brightly illuminate to capture the shot even if there's no ambient light available.

16MP Camera bright Front Camera with Selfie Panorama

The F1s' front-facing camera is loaded 16MP, f/2.0 with 1/3.1-inch Image Sensor. The bigger the sensor the more detail and color it captures. The lower the number of the aperture, the bigger its opening, the more light it allows to enter, therefore making photos look lovely and bright, while keeping its natural look. This will help in blurring the background of your subject. These even make the F1s camera superior as it can take good pictures even w/o using photo filters. And OPPO delivers, even from the previous OPPO F1.

It also has a built-in selfie panorama, so you can have high-quality group-fies/ we-fies using the front camera.

Snappy Finger-Print Reader/Scanner

Finger-print readers on smartphones is no longer just a posh feature. In fact, it's already a necessity and a good way to protect your identity and password from the prying eyes. The OPPO F1S Finger-print scanner can unlock the phone in just a matter of 0.22s. That's less than a second it! The finger-print slash home button can also be customized to launch your favorite apps. The finger print reader of the F1s can unlock the phone from sleep by just placing your finger on it.

OPPO F1 Selfie Expert Teaser Video

Big Internal Storage, Fast 3GB Ram

It comes with 32GB storage out of the box. Double the size from its predecessor OPPO F1, the F1s should allow you to save and capture those precious moments right out of the box. In case you want to add more, it has expandable memory card slot as part of the triple slot tray.

Triple Slot Tray: Dual Sim Slot & SD Slot, in one tray

One of the best upgrade w/ the OPPO F1s is the triple slot tray. 2 Nano sims slot and MicroSD slot conveniently placed in just one tray.


The OPPO F1s also support OTG flash drives. This allows you to connect external flash drives that support the technology and you can transfer files from the phone to the flash drive and vice versa. Streaming movies and photos directly from the flash drive(w/o the need to transfer) should be support too.

Big Battery 3075 mAh

The F1s has built-in 3075 mAh battery that should make it last day in, day out. Calls, Internet surfing, mobile gaming name it, and this baby can outlast other high-end smartphones in its class.

The OPPO F1s retails at PHP 12,999.00 with 32GB internal memory out of the box. It's not just another Selfie-Expert Smartphone released in the market. It's OPPO F1s, the phone that should be on your hands right now!

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