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Shell V-Power Nitro+ Ends The Year With Excitement

Before the year 2015 ends, Pilipinas Shell, makers of the renowned Shell V-Power Nitro+ capped the year with a big bang. Not only did they give pleasant surprises to the motorists by producing a premium performance fuel, but by spreading excitement to their loyal patrons and media practitioners alike.

The Shell V-Power Nitro+ combats the two performance-robbing threats to any vehicle, which is gunk and corrosion.  Shell continues to showcase how Shell V-Power Nitro+ can help Filipino motorists bring their exciting drives to life.  Shell V-Power Nitro+ helps road warriors continue to win against these double threats to their engine’s performance.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ “Choose Excitement Challenge”
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Just like the power performance of Shell V-Power Nitro+ in fighting gunk and corrosion in every vehicle, Pilipinas Shell came up with a very challenging game for the participants who embody how Shell V-Power Nitro+ works in fighting gunk and corrosion.

The challenge, called “Choose Excitement Challenge” was participated by four teams from varied media sectors, bloggers and some Shell staff.  Each team has 2 to 4 members that played under a time limit of 20 minutes inside a makeshift truck which served as Escape Room.  In this thrilling dare, challengers put their wit to the test as they unraveled clues and solved puzzles to find the missing formula of Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ “Choose Excitement Challenge”

In escaping the terror of gunk and corrosion in the room, the same victory can be felt by motorists who fuel their engines with Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels, Shell’s premium performance fuels designed to fight gunk and corrosion.

The use of lower class fuels can cause gunk to build-up on critical fuel system components like the diesel fuel injectors – which can rob engines of power.  Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel is formulated with powerful cleaning agents that help remove engine deposits or gunk and is also designed to protect engines’ fuel system with an anti-corrosion component that forms a protective film on metal surfaces. This helps prevent corrosion tendency and helps to protect precision fuel system components.

Regular maintenance for motorists can be as challenging as unraveling a mystery.  Beyond regular maintenance, the daily use of premium quality fuels can bring road warriors a thrilling experience on the road.  With a well-maintained vehicle, conquering uphill tracks, rough terrains, and even the bustling city streets become a piece of cake.  Shell V-Power Nitro+ helps motorists reclaim their engine’s performance as they make their thrilling road adventures come to life.

After the challenge, participants were also given the chance to experience the Gear Virtual Reality technology. This GVR technology developed by Shell is an immersive 360-degrees visual experience. This experience took the audience on a journey inside the engine to learn about the performance benefits of using Shell V-Power Nitro+.

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