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UBER Promo codes for December 2015

It was last week when we first tried booking a ride via UBER app for android. It's such an amazing experience to try something new, when your usual means of transportation is out of reach on rainy night(Tuesday) plus heavy traffic.

So we tried getting an UBERX ride for the first time. UBER has two services, UBERX and UBER Black, where the latter is the more premium ride. Both are available using the same UBER app for Android and iOS.

Good thing there's this UBER promo code from PLDT, which is worth PHP 300.00. We entered the code into the app after registration, and the credits were automatically added. Our bill that time was PHP 512.40 due to surge rate of  x2.9 since it was raining plus traffic and all. Surge rates apply usually when there's moderate to heavy traffic and rain according to one of the UBER peers we've interviewed. Thanks to the UBER promo codeour bill went down PHP212.

The Uber promo code "HOMEUBER1st" is the one that we used and got ourselves instant 300 pesos deducted from our bill.

In case this one wont' work, you may also use's own UBER promo code: "BENTEUNOWUE" worth PHP 200.00 exclusive for first-time UBER passengers

UBER Promo Code 2015 UBER code: benteunowue

How 'bout you? Any UBER promo code(s) you wanna share?

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