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LG V10 Launch, makes a big comeback with SLR like capabilities & manual Video mode

LG Philippines just launched its latest smartphone yet, the LG V10. A promising high-end smartphone built to silence the smart phone competition. Nope, it's not just an upgrade of LG G4. It's more of big comeback for LG. Having V10 on its name tag, it sounded like it bag a lot of horse power under its hood. It's quite surprising that that they didn't go for an LG G5 this time or at least launch a new high-end LG G series -phone.

Just a few weeks back, LG introduced its Curved 4K OLED TV which first of its kind in the world. Now, a brand new smartphone with unbelievable specs, features and its elegant look and feel, the LG V10 is not your usual high-end phone.

At a glance the LG V10 features second screen, Dual Front Camera, Multi-view window and Manual Mode Video. The rest of its features are self-explanatory, so we'll focus more on what make this phone stand out.

First, its look, Front and back it looks amazingly beautiful. Too much adjectives, but it's love at first sight, once you see the LG V10 that you want to hold it firmly and not letting go. This reminds us of the LG Secret aka KF750 where its stunning beauty can't be ignored.

Camera-wise, the LGV10 is has a 16MP snapper with 1.8F aperture and good for low-light conditions. In the camera world, having this kind aperture should give adequate light to your subject and highlights its focus on it. Creating a more sharp shot w/ blurred background. Selfie-addict or not, the 5MP front camera is also a beast.

In terms of its Manual-mode video shooting capabilities and setting, its quite impressive. It allows you to change the white balance, ISO, frame rate, shutter speed while your shooting/recording videos. How cool is that? Cause usually you have to cut the scene, or record a new video for the new settings to executed with the current high-end phones, exclude the LG V10 from this list.

The LG V10 retails at PHP 37,990.00 you can already get the best of what the LG brand has to offer. Is it worth it. We believe so. What we love about this phone, is that it didn't even need to put a lot of work on the aesthetics. LG just engineered the right stuff and cooked it right on the LG V10.

Initially, LG Philippines offered a FREE 200 GB memory card valued at Php 11,000 starting from November 27 to November 29, 2015 in participating LG concept stores in the Philippines. Hopefully this will be extended this December, as fans would love to have more value for money in their purchase.

Is it worth it to purchase this new LG V10? We do think so! When you love the phone and you think its made for your daily needs, price doesn't matter. But if you're just in for a hype or to show off, don't. If you're in for a healthy competition and rival your friends with their new iPhones or S6 edge+, this baby should not disappoint.

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