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Galaxy Note5 Luck 5 on A Ride Promo: A Lucky Ride with Samsung and Uber

Don't you just love surprises? A moment that seemed to be just a regular day, until you get something unexpected, like a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Who doesn't want one?

Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung, partnered with Uber to launch the Galaxy Note5 Luck 5 on A Ride Promo. The promo where Uber bookings at select locations, entitled passengers instant entry to the contest.

Five lucky passengers were given the ride of their lives when Samsung surprised them with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note5 waiting inside their Uber. 

The goal of the promo was really to give a good surprise, put a smile on winners' faces and make their day. More so, it was an opportunity for the winners to experience getting a cutting-edge smartphone in the most unexpected way.  More about the great features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 here.
Galaxy Note5 Luck 5 on A Ride Promo Winners
Lucky riders. Five lucky Uber riders went home with a Samsung Galaxy Note5, through  the Galaxy Note5 Lucky 5 on A Ride Promo, a partnership between innovation leader and Uber. Stephanie Sy, Marketing Manager for Uber Manila, poses with  Samsung Galaxy Note 5 winners (from left to right )Katrina Romualdez, Diana Ecija, Justin Poniente and Fe Reyes. Joining them is  Patty Rodriguez, Product Manager Head for Samsung Electronics Philippines (rightmost).

For these lucky individuals, it came as a surprise that on their booked Uber ride, they would come home with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note5. Without their knowledge, their booking made them instant participants of the Galaxy Note5 Luck 5 on A Ride Promo, where five lucky Uber riders were selected when he or she booked a car at select locations. It was truly a matter of being at the right place at the right time. 

One of the winners, Katrina Ronwaldo, gushed “How lucky can I get?  All I really wanted was a quick ride but hey, I won’t say no to Samsung’s newest baby—I’ve just had the Galaxy Note5 for a few days and I’m totally blown away by it. It has all sorts of fun features and apps that have made my life so much easier and better --  from a really useful S-Pen to a very powerful camera and really fast charging.  It’s a pity I only learned about the Galaxy Note5 now—it’s what I’ve always needed.”
Samung Galaxy Note 5

“We at Samsung like surprising people with possibilities that they never thought existed—like getting a cutting-edge smartphone in the most unexpected way.  Through this promo with Uber, we hope to open people’s eyes to infinite possibilities out there, which they will also discover once they get their hands on the Galaxy Note5,” said Patty Rodriguez, Samsung Product Marketing Head.

Samsung/Uber, what's next under your sleeves? We want to be that lucky too! Looking for a Limited Edition of Galaxy Note5, you can purchase this Ben Cab Limited Edition Samsung Note 5

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