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5 Must-have LG Products this December 2015

Upgrade your lifestyle this December with 5 hot-picks all from LG. Either you purchase it as a gift to that special someone or as reward to all your hard work you've done through out the year. Time to reward yourself with LG products designed to have a smarter lifestyle that lasts.

LG Products, whether its a home appliance or gadgets give us with world's first features that LG showcase on their products, like that Curved OLED Smart TV that is mesmerizing to the eyes.

5 Must-have LG Products this December 2015

Here are 5 Must-have LG Products for 2015

1. LG 4K Curved OLED TV

LG 4K Curved OLED TV
4K Ultra HD 65EG965T, LG's top of the line 4k OLED TV model, sound powered by Harman Kardon

Be part of hifi history as one of the owners of world's first 4k Curved OLED TV from LG.

Add wow factor and entertainment value to your homes with the LG 4K Curved OLED TV. LG marries 4K image up-scaling technology with OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), a feat that has never been accomplished before in the industry. LG’s 4K OLED TV is equipped with Tru 4K Engine Pro panels that make it an ideal match for ultra high definition imaging content. The curved body of the LG 4K OLED also makes for immersive viewing perfect from any angle.

2. LG French Door Refrigerator

Level up the look of your kitchen while enhancing the storage capacity and convenience of your refrigerator with the mega-capacity LG French Door refrigerator, where the fridge is on top and the freezer at the bottom, designed to follow a recent consumer study which showed that people tend to access the fridge more frequently than the freezer.

The LG refrigerator also features a door-in-door component that lets you access frequently needed items with ease while preventing cold air from escaping. The refrigerator also boasts of equally notable energy efficient features.

3. LG TurboWash or TurboShot Washing Machine

Make your family laundry more manageable with the LG TurboWash or TurboShot washing machines, which help clean your clothes quickly and easily. LG’s revolutionary TurboWash™ Front Load washers will allow you to reduce washing time on each large load of laundry without compromising cleaning performance. In speed washing function, it can take as fast as 15 minutes to finish a standard of one kilogram laundry load.

Meanwhile, LG’s Top Load washers with the innovative TurboShot technology enable superior washing and rinsing performance, as well as hygienic tub clean. TurboShot technology uses a rapid drum motion and waterfall-like jets to penetrate deep into fabrics and remove tough stains more quickly while helping yield impressive energy and water savings.

LG’s TurboWash and TurboShot models also feature 6 Motion Direct Drive (6 Motion DD) which lets you wash your clothes with more care and movement—the closest you can get to hand washing.

4. LG V10 Smartphone 

LG V10
LG V10

The LG V10 surpasses most multimedia features that today’s smartphones possess and are enhanced for optimal performance, maximizing the creativity of today’s social media and tech-savvy consumers. 

Consumers can look forward to V10’s distinctive new features such as its Second Screen, Dual Front Cameras and its Video Manual Mode—another first for the mobile tech giant. The wide angle lens on the V10 makes use of intricate software algorithm that combines images from the two separate lenses, eliminating the need for monopods and selfie sticks altogether and achieving the perfect groufie in gatherings. 

5. LG Music Flow P7

LG Music Flow P7
LG decided  compete with wireless portable speakers  out there by introducing LG Music Flow P7. With its Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, long-lasting battery, sleek compact body and rich 20W audio output, the P7 offers a consistently seamless music experience, enriching any kind of gatherings among loved ones.

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