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iOS9 iPhone update improves battery performance using LOW POWER MODE

We just downloaded the latest iOS update for Apple mobile devices, the iOS 9. It felt like it's the same ui of iPhone, until you actually check the inside: settings and stuff.

Though we haven't really dig deep into its rich new features, one really caught our attention is the addition of LOW POWER MODE. 

Admit or not, the battery performance of an iPhone no matter which generation it is, usually the topic of puns and memes. But the iOS 9 begs to differ.

The low power mode option goes off in iOS 9 once it's reaches acceptable battery charge. Based form our experience, iOS 9 turns the low power mode once it reaches 80% battery charge(still need to confirm this with Apple)

This reminds us of BB OS7.1 update that added the same feature on older Blackberry phones. Though OS X or Blackberry OS 10 is the latest, the BB OS 7.1 users still find the battery performance useful.

iOS9 updates iPhone 4s and later models. Could the iOS 9 update be the answer to iPhone users battery dilemma? 

In case you didn't know, there's already iOS 9.1. Don't forget to update!

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