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AKG Y50 Headphones Review: Ecstatically good sounding cans

AKG Y50 headset recently receive the RedDot Award 2015 Winner. It was also hailed by What HiFi during its Product of the Year, Awards 2014

We got the chance to get our hands on one of AKG's modern headphones that received praises and good reviews from users, bloggers and trusted reviewers. Is it really worth it to have one? Read on to know what's our take on the AKG Y50 headphones during our hands-on review

picture of AKG Y50 Headphones
AKG Y50 - Black.

I do not consider myself a techie person. But I do know how to appreciate things of value and worth. Let’s say, I love music, and consider it as part of my day to day life. I hear it everywhere, at store, at shops, even while in transit.  I love it, raw as it is.  Imagine, if the way you usually hear music could be elevated on a notch higher. This is by using a headset. An ordinary, inexpensive headset would do me no harm, for as long as it serves its purpose to me. But not when I tried the so-called Y50 by AKG. This headset really made me ecstatic. Imagine, having a high-end type of headset to own.

picture of AKG Y50 Headphones
AKG Y50 - Black.

The headset is quite simple in structure, but offers gargantuan effects and features.  It is made of soft leatherette material which surrounds the inner muff of the headset that rests gently on your ears which at the same time encapsulate the sound for a vivid listening pleasure.  The headband is made of lightweight stainless steel with the same soft leatherette material encircling the middle part so it won’t stress the head for prolonged use.  The sides of the headband are adjustable with proportional grid to support the fit onto head.  The cord that goes with it is long enough to adjust to your needs specially if the headset is connected to a mobile which is in your pocket.

With that being said, simple as it looks but the sound it transmits do not diminish your listening pleasure whether you tune in to jazz, classic, pop or R&B music. It audibly displays an orchestral sound which you can determine bass from trombones to identifying drumbeats from clanking cymbals.  It could send you to the memories of yesteryears through the softness of a mellow song, will make you dance to the upbeat of rock and wave music, enjoy the rhythm and blues or it will even send you to slumber of some slow-drag songs.

The package comes with a travel pouch for carrying, user’s manual, wire with jack for your mobile phone and another bigger jack for other device. It is housed in a neat acetate-top sturdy box.  The AKG Y50 headset comes in yellow, red teal and black colors.

The AKG Y50 is priced at PHP 4990.00 at retail. You can get a pair of AKG Y50 headphones while stocks last in all JBL Stores in Manila

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