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How To Take the Perfect Selfie in 5 easy steps: But first lemme take a J-fie!

Here's some quick guide on how you can take that perfect selfie shot using Samsung's Galaxy J Series smartphones. They specifically crafted to cater your need to take Selfies!

Who doesn't take selfies? One way or the other we're pretty sure you already did. You can deny it in any possible way, but chances are you already took your own selfies but just don't want to post it in the internet.
Samsung J-series selfie phones

The struggle is real! It's really a challenge to take selfies. Here are some of the problems: Shaky hands, photo bombers at the back, or that low quality front camera can really make it a challenging task to simply take that perfect selfie.

No worries, here are the quick and easy steps to take create that Perfect Selfie Shot. It's time to take that Selfie game to the next level:

How To Take the Perfect Selfie:

  1. Finding the right angle - Tilt your phone by 45 degrees—that’s a little above your eye line—for the most flattering selfie. No double chins and no weird shadows to worry about.
  2. Finding the right light - The most flattering light sources are those of windows streaming natural light, softly backlit walls or even the flash of your camera phone reflecting against a mirror.
  3. Choosing the perfect filter - Props to the brave souls who can post selfies filter-free but for those who choose to apply a layer or two, know that it can help soften and conceal less-than-perfect snaps. Valencia, with a bit of contrast, is by far the best one.
  4. Framing and background - A little bit of staging goes a long way. What is the point of a mega-watt smile when you’re standing in front of a pile of dirty dishes? Or a parking lot? Snap your selfie against a stunning location, it makes for a better self portrait.
  5. Finding the ultimate selfie gadget phone - But for ultimate selfie success, the secret is to have the right equipment. If you’re thinking tripods and reflectors, stop. All you really need is the handy and compact Samsung Galaxy J Series.

The Samsung Galaxy J Series simplifies the entire process of taking a selfie and sorts out all your angling, lighting, framing and filter issues, essentially upgrading the selfie to a J-fie.

Built with the trusted quality and performance that Samsung is known for, the latest additions to this particular series—the 5.0” Galaxy J5 and 5.5” Galaxy J7—are designed to snap the perfect J-fie, even in the most unflattering conditions.

How does J s6 and J7 keep your face well-lit? Both phones have LED Front Flash you get to make sure your J-fie isn’t all shadows and silhouettes while your favorite band plays in the background.

These J-fie phones are also equipped with Beauty Face function that gives that fresh look. Also, there's the Wide Selfie function, that allows you to take group selfies with ease w/o the need to go cheek-to-cheek with the gang

One challenge in taking selfies is blurry pics or out of frame shots since you find that finger is few a centimeter short from the shutter button. Well, with the Samsung Galaxy J-series’ Palm Selfie, you can start a counter to snap the photo simply by flashing an open palm in front of the camera. Cool right? No need to wave, just show your palm to signal the front camera to take the shot and the Samsung Galaxy J-series phones will take the picture for you in an instant.

The Samsung Galaxy J Series make it so easy to capture almost any moment in a perfect J-fie for sharing on social media. You don’t have to take our word for it. Head to the Samsung Experience Stores or your nearest Samsung Authorized Dealer to check it out yourself. Snap a J-fie and all you have to do is wait for the likes to start rolling in as soon as you post it!

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