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Yahoo News Digest App for iOS and Android: Start and End Your Day Informed

Here's an easy way to get the freshest news everyday on your mobile. Download the Yahoo News Digest App for iOS/Apple devices and Android. The easiest way to get yourself the latest stories without much clutter.

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In this day and age when news travels as fast as the speed of light, the challenge is to keep up without info-overload stress. Yahoo News Digest offers a solution by providing news delivered in digests twice a day, in a beautiful and seamless design. You can even choose from four different editions of the digest – United States, United Kingdom, Canada and International.

Yahoo News Digest offers a compilation of global headlines in the morning and in the evening, with topics ranging from world, politics, technology, science, sports, health, entertainment, odd news and business. As soon as they are notified that the digest is ready, users can scan the summary, as well as read units of information called “Atoms,” which provide context to each story, including maps, infographics, videos, photos and more.

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The digest summarizes news from respected sources such as Reuters, BBC, and the Associated Press and supplement it with relevant information -- Wikipedia entries, related tweets, videos and maps. In case users missed some articles, the app provides a countdown to the next digest and an option to go back to previous digests.

The app was created to serve people’s daily need to stay informed about the most important news and events around them. The algorithms, which were developed at Summly, smartly reduce stories to the most fundamental elements and meaningfully combine them with select point of views sourced from around the web. 

Similar to a to-do list that has to be ticked off one by one, the app also shows you what articles you are done with through a ‘to-read’ circle. When all the articles have been read, the app gives an interesting extra fact of the day.

Through the overall layout and combined features of the app, users can conveniently keep up with global events without having to deal with excessive real-time notifications and lengthy articles. Yahoo News Digest allows users to start and end their day informed – in the quickest and most pleasing way possible.

How to get the Yahoo New Digest App

Yahoo! News Digest is available in the App Store for iOS[link] and Google Play for Android users[link]

In case you didn't know, it's also available for download on the Apple Watch 

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