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ART x WINE: A Collaboration Exhibition featuring CHARLIE CO and CEZAR ARRO

Art x Wine:  Featuring Charlie Co and Cezar Arro, a collaboration exhibition launches at the Kirov Model unit in Rockwell Center


Art x Wine, is an Art Exhibition and Wine appreciation event featuring the works of two phenomenal Filipino Artists, Charlie Co and Cezar Arro launches at the Kirov Model unit in the Proscenium Showroom in Rockwell Center.


The launching of the exhibition was initiated by a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the following notable personalities:

Charlie Co – Featured Artist/Painter
Cezar Arro – Featured Artist/Painter
Ferdinand Roxas – Chairman of PCSO
Ada Mabilangan – Head of Poorita Kalaw Foundation
Tina Colayco – President of the Metropolitan Museum
Muriel Sy – Art Collector
Sherwin Lao – Co-Owner of Golden Wines Inc.
Jonathan Gee – Head of Gallery H
Judith Gee – Co-Founder of Gallery H

Art x Wine aims to bring together Art and Wine Enthusiasts for a festive night where we celebrate the Filipino Art paired with lovely wines provided by Golden Wines Inc.

Charlie Co (Right)

As the Founder of Gallery H, Jonathan Gee quoted, “I have been living in the Philippines for a number of years now.  What I’ve discovered is that there is an abundance of artistic talents in the country.  Because of this, Judith and I decided to organize an Art Exhibition that features these talents.”


Guests were invited to view the latest painting collection of both the artists beautifully curated within the Showroom space and Kirov Model unit.  As a good pair to the stunning art, Golden Wines Inc. served their famous Australian wine by Peter Lehman and Spanish Enate wines.  Both wine brands feature artworks in their wine labels, which was very apt for the concept of the event.  We were served Peter Lehman’s Portrait Cabernet Sauvignon and Art & Soul Chardonnay 2011.  On the other hand, we were able to try Enate’s Rosado Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet SauvignonMerlot.

Hosted at the prestigious Kirov model unit in the Proscenium Showroom beside the Rockwell Tent, we were also able to take a grand tour of the nicely laid out and designed Kirov model unit.  The artworks juxtaposed with the wonderful interiors give you the experience of the good life, living with beauty, good design and art.

The ART x WINE opens at 5PM starting Friday, August 5, 2015 which will run until August 13, 2015 at the Kirov Model Unit beside the Rockwell Tent in Rockwell Center.

The beautiful artworks being exhibited are for sale. Wines can also be ordered from Golden Wines Inc.

About Art x Wine
This event is primarily an Art and Wine appreciation event, drawing art buyers, art collectors, art enthusiasts, artists, media people, personalities and wine enthusiasts together.  It is a series where we feature one or more emerging and/or established Filipino artist/s per show.  This event was commissioned by Gallery H and organized by Brylliance Design Studio

For inquiries about Gallery H and/or any of paintings or Art events, you may contact Jonathan Gee at or through his mobile numbers 0920-9153842 or 0918-9424531.

About Cezar Arro
Chairman (Mind Art Torture) Iloilo Artist and Bands Organization (1994-2005).  He is an Iloilo based artist and is a celebrated Visual Artist.  He has been practicing Visual Arts for 22 years and has regularly been featured in multiple publications.  You may get in touch with him at

About Charlie Co
Charlie Co is an award-winning, celebrated Filipino artist based in Bacolod, Philippines.  He has exhibited his works locally and internationally and has done a multitude of solo and group shows.

His current work combines painting and sculpture to create both a visual and tactile quality to his work.  He was first identified as a social realist in the mid-80s and later developed an interest in figurative expressionism that borders on surrealism.  You may get in touch with him at

About the Proscenium
Translated from the Greek term as “beyond the scene”, the Proscenium at Rockwell is inspired by the arts, bridging together harmonious living with cultural sophistication.  With its unique architectural design, the Proscenium compliments luxury living with state of the art amenities, posh retail selections, a world-class Performing Arts Theater and a Museum.  Envisioned by the world-renowned Starchitect, Carlos Ott, the Proscenium at Rockwell is a refined choice for premium residential addresses in the Makati area.

Find out more about the Proscenium at

About Golden Wines
Golden Wines, Inc. is the brainchild of friends from diverse backgrounds sharing one common passion – the wine culture.  The partners have a total combined 40+years of experience from various industries of strategic and tactical consumer sales and marketing, general management and operations.  Plus a total of more than 15 years of wine industry experience.  You may get in touch with them at

Photos: Don Cordero

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