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SAMSUNG NX500 - Capturing images of Dynamism and Adventure

When capturing images of dynamism and adventure you need a camera that takes crisp images. Thus, Samsung's latest NX camera, Samsung NX500 is perfect for the job

Samsung NX500 us loaded with enhancements to help the shooter just focus on his subject(s). It's also boast 28 MP stills using a sensor (APS-C) that can also be found on DSLRs today. NX500 is capable of using other NX lens based on your shooting needs.

Here's the official news release of Samsung NX500 to know more about its features:

Samsung NX500 gif

Life on the edge, with its high-octane moments that test the limit of speed and endurance, deserves to be captured in order to be relived. For the adventurous soul who enjoys the dynamism of life and wants to savor each moment, a revolutionary camera like the Samsung NX500 is a must.

Among the many cameras in the market today, nothing comes close to the Samsung NX500. Boasting the same DNA as the critically acclaimed Samsung NX1, the Samsung NX500 is a mirrorless compact camera with top-in-its class specifications, the Samsung NX500 boasts cutting-edge features that take the highest resolution photos at fast speed, capturing pivotal moments with great precision. Its revolutionary shooting & focus speed, superb image, and advanced usability make it the ultimate camera for all kinds of photographers and serious hobbyists.

With its fast and light adapting features, it is also the perfect choice for those who love the outdoors, as it effortlessly captures rich details of those challenging, fast-paced moments. Whether it’s a shot of your daughter gliding on a jet ski, playing Frisbee with your dog, or your family toasting marshmallows at a dark campsite, you can trust the Samsung NX500 to capture the experience to the last detail, even when taken at challenging speeds.

The core feature of the camera is the 28.2 megapixel BSI APS-C Sensor that produces vivid and crisp images. It has the first back-side illuminated APS-C sensor for a wider dynamic range and richer gradation. At single shooting mode, it can produce a 14-bit RAW output – definitely the highest resolution.

The Samsung NX500 comes with the DRIMe 5 Imaging Processor, a powerful engine that processes 2.8 times faster than its predecessor, bringing images to life with superior color production and enhanced JPEG image quality.

Its blazing fast All New Hybrid Autofocus System with on-surface phase detection makes fast speed shooting and precise focusing possible. The fastest High Speed Drive with AF lets you capture decisive moments with 9FPS continuous shooting. An added bonus is the Samsung Auto Shot with 205 AF Phase Detect that intuitively allows you to take the exact photo you want – like that very moment when your son hits the ball with the bat, or the split second when everyone in the group jumps for that posterity shot at the beach. Its motion detection logic triggers capture automatically, creating the same effect as 60 FPS continuous shooting.

Sharing photos can be done instantly with the Samsung NX500’s wireless connection feature that makes it easy to transfer images from one device to another without need for a WiFi connection. Sharing photos of your epic vacation is a cinch on any social media platform.

The Samsung NX500’s video recorder does not disappoint with its 4K UHD video recording capability and an interval capture mode that lets you take pictures while shooting a video. Moreover, you can take shots from different angles with the Tilt & Flip-Up screen that doesn’t only provide brighter vision through the FVGA AMOLED but is also suitable for taking selfies.

With the Samsung NX500, Samsung takes one step closer to another era of photography where gamechanging features become de rigeur. When it comes to capturing life’s greatest moments, you can trust the Samsung NX500 to help you take the shot of your dreams.

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