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2015 July GrabCar Promocode UMBRELLA for Manila equals 100-Peso off!

GrabTaxiPH renews their promo for GrabCar(Sedan) and GrabCar Plus(Premium) this July 2015 with a new promo code to let the commuters enjoy!

Starting today, July 22, up to July 31st, you can getPhp100 off for 10 rides from July 22-31! Just key in the promo code UMBRELLA each time you book a trip.

This promo code is valid only for Metro Manila users of GrabCar (Sedan) and GrabCar+ (Premium) for up to 10 rides. UMBRELLA is the latest promo code from GrabTaxiPH for GrabCar and GrabCar+ users this July.

Latest GrabCar / GrabCar Plus promo code for July

So what are the perks of having the latest GrabCar / GrabCar Plus promo code for July? Easy. The UMBRELLA promo code for GrabCar/ GrabCar+ from GrabTaxiPH is just perfect for the rainy days, reminding the rider/commuter to bring it, at the same time save money while commuting.

GrabCar and GrabCar Plus both offer fixed fare rate. The last time we did, we got a Toyota Camry. We had a comfortable ride despite the heavy traffic. What's the best ride you had lately with GrabCar or GrabCar+? Share it by commenting below.

Oh wait... we have to go, and GrabCar our way to the office!

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