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Samsung presents SE790C Curved Monitors to Filipinos: Upgrades your Viewing experience

Same day with the controversial fight of the century, Samsung unveils its new multimedia monitors, SE790C Curved Monitors, promising to move out from the norm. During the unveiling, Samsung Philippines featured the 34-inch SE790C along with the 27-inch SE590c curved monitors which was just made available to the Philippine market. If you're thinking that curved-screen monitors and TVs is just a hype... think again.

34-inch SE790C Curved Monitor

Monitors have evolved from bulky back-lumps black and white, to colored CRTs. Then it's flat, slim and now curved! The word(Monitor) itself, has evolved. It was given a new meaning and has been used in the computer world ever since.

Samsung, who recently unveiled its Curved SUHDTVs, now debuts its curved monitors. Samsung's message is clear: "Curve is in and flat's out!" 

Super-wide viewing experience, breaking limits of a conventional flat-screen monitor

"Samsung has once again created another milestone for the Filipino families in making their living innovative," said Ireen Catane, SEPCO's Enterprise Business Director. "With SE790 Curved Monitor's Immersive and Comfortable viewing experience, consumers can now also enjoy watching TV while bonding with their families. And that's what Samsung is also up for"

Yes, the SE790C Curved Monitors doesn't only look nice, but ready for both fun and work environment.

Though curved, the SE790 is still adjustable and can be tilted. Giving its users the freedom to position the way they wanted. On its back it has VESA bracket support allowing you to just hang it on the wall

It has a lot of ports to support multiple connections at the same time: Connect your laptop and extend/mirror your display. Attach your gaming console and play your favorite games after a hard days work.
Back Panel of the 34-inch SE790C Curved Monitor

Also, two interesting features are Picture-by-Picture(PbP) and Picture-in-Picture(PiP) present in SE790c. Picture-by-picture is something new to us. What's remarkable is, PiP you can view two window screens at the same time, in PbP you can view two video output from two different sources simultaneously w/o affecting the picture quality.

Therefore the ultra-wide viewing experience is not just for display, but also for the actual multitasking use that users today highly need to work efficiently.

Will this be a turning point for our flat-screen devices? Who knows if one day we will see laptops with curved screens. It's possible. Our mobile phones have seen it.
Ultra WQHD comparison to Full HD
Difference between FULL HD 1080, WQHD and Ultra WQHD
The 34-inch Samsung SE790C Curved Monitor is already available in the market. Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation(SEPCO) has partnered with PC Express. PC Express will be the official distributor of SE790C and 27-inch SE590C Curved Monitors.

The 27-inch Samsung Curved Monitor is  a good starter if you're coming off from flat screen monitors, and it's already Full HD. However, you will miss out the 21:9 Aspect ratio and extra ports at the back, plus the ultra wide screen advantage.

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