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GrabCar promocode deducts 100 Pesos off your ride, GrabTaxi extends promo

GrabTaxi Philippines gives another reason to keep on using, grabbing our taxi thru the GrabTaxi app. Not only their extending their GrabTaxi promo but also gives you the freedom to enjoy what its like riding a private car thru GrabCar.

GrabCar promocode for 2015

We can now enjoy more bookings for GrabCar thanks to the new promo from GrabTaxi. By simply typing "GrabCar" on the promo code section, the app will deduct 100 pesos from your fare. If you haven't tried booking for a GrabCar yet, this is the right time!

GrabCar promo code for May 2015
We've been longing for a GrabCar promo code all this time.

The GrabCar promo code is only valid on GrabCar(Sedan) and not on GrabCar+(Premium). The promo code is not case sensitive, making it easy on the client-side. It doesn't matter if its all in capital letters or a mix of both capitalized and small letters.

This GrabCar promo code is valid until May 22, 2015 only. Good thing, there are other promos that we can still take advantage of, just read on.

GrabTaxi App for iPhone

Loyal GrabTaxi users know that, by simply using the app, they can avoid long lines and perhaps save time just waiting for a cab. We've been a loyal GrabTaxi app user and so far tried different promo codes on every ride. They also have a promo code that works for 1 whole year(2015) [See 2015 GrabTaxi promo code that is good for 1 year] 

GrabTaxi promo are open to GrabTaxiers from Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Metro Manila. The GrabTaxi promo for these cities are extended 'til May 31st. Don't know how to use the GrabTaxi promo code? Click here to know how you can use the correct GrabTaxi promo code and win tickets to Boracay too

Win Tickets to Boracay by using GrabTaxi promocode


Unknown said...

None of the promo code works..any other codes pls?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried ILOVEMEGMAG ? Single use only 100 peso off.

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