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LG G4 to be unveiled in PH: What you need to know

Later the latest flagship of LG's high-end G series smartphones is about to be officially unveiled in the Philippines. The new LG G4 smartphone. Its the latest Android phone from the Korean smartphone maker who strives to gives its user the ultimate device to not only communicate but to also capture life's precious memories.

Better check the specs and what this phone is capable of before getting one. Here are some notable features that makes LG G4 make other phones less superior:


16MP Camera is attached to LG G4. With an 1.8 aperture, we know that these can shoot even in low-light and still output good pictures. Shaky hands are okay thanks to it's built-in OIS 2.0 (optical image stabilization). For selfies, a whooping 8MP front camera is ready to take those wacky moments. Aside from Auto Mode, the camera inteface give you freedom to control the lighting, brightness, ISO, shutter-speed just like a pro photographer. Imagine taking a Light Trail Effect.

Processor and GPU

Hexa-core. That's 6 cores. 1.8Ghz 64-bit CPU. Adreno 418 GPU. Multitask, play games, create an appointment, handle calls and text minus the lag and slowness.


Big 5.5" IPS Quantum HD Display with 538ppi(pixel per inch). Big display to watch an HD movie through your phone. Big enough to review treasured photos you've taking using LG G4 or the ones uploaded in Google or Flickr.


Android Lollipop, the latest Android OS, is preloaded on the LG G4. Though being the latest, Lollipop is know to be lightweight android mobile os and can even run on 512 ram w/o slowing down your phone. G4's great specs should seamlessly work with Android 5.1

Color Variants

You can choose between 8 back design/color for your LG G4. 5 leather back covers for that sleek classic look. Then there's 3 metallic/ceramic feel back covers, for the modern yet simplistic style

LG G4 colors


Wifi, Blutooth 4.1 , NFC, A-GPS they are all there. Yes, it's LTE for that blazing fast download and upload of data. Also, it's already dual-sim where you can use two different networks at the same time.
The LG G4 also has slim HDMI port that supports 4K resolution, just like what HD TVs can do these days.


3,000 mAh is packaged with the G4. Good enough for daily use even on data(internet via sim). To steer away from what we can consider the norm these days, the back cover is removable so is the battery. Though you can also charge your phone wirelessly


LG G4 is offered at PHP32,990.00 for leather-back covers while it's 31,990 for Mettalic and Ceramic Back covers. If pre-ordered the package comes with extra battery and 2 year warranty for your G4

See LG G4 in action and attached to a remote controlled drone:

Would you buy one on its release day?

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