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PLDT SME Nation, Philippines' Samsung & Microsoft team-up to quip SMEs with Broadband and Digital Solutions

Leaders in Technology: PLDT, Samsung Philippines, and Microsoft Philippines combined powers to help SMEs nationwide be more efficient and empowered through Broadband & Digital Solutions

As of now, there are more than 800,000 Small and Medium Enterprise(SME) who need to keep up with the ever-growing population of internet users who rely on social media and mobile devices to communicate. Numbers say that we already have more than 34 Million Facebook users, 10 Million on Twitter and over 44 million internet users and keeps on growing as we write this article!

Growing your Business in the Digital Age

During the talk in an exclusive event "Growing your Business in the Digital Age", PLDT SME Nation, SamsungPH and MicrosoftPH, announced this partnership while introducing advance technologies and tools that will help SMEs efficiently manage their business anytime, anywhere.

PLDT's Eric Alberto
PLDT's Eric Alberto talks abut the importance of the bond created together with Samsung and Microsoft

"This collaboration and synergy among today's leaders in the telecommunications industry ushers in a new era of enablement for the small and medium enterprise market segment." PLDT Executive Vice President/ ePLDT President and CEO Eric Alberto said during his welcome remarks.

Through thus partnership Alberto added, "SMEs will have access to game-changing business tools such as faster and nationwide fixed and wireless broadband solutions, latest gadgets and devices relevant collaboration cloud applications which should ultimately lead to higher levels of operational efficiences, expanded market reach, higher profit margin levels, and in the process create higher economic multiplier for our country".

This partnership also introduced Samsung's latest Galaxy flagship phones S6 and S6 edge which are both Knoxx-ready. Data protection and security are already in-check, thus lessening the worry of getting data in the hands of competitors.

Using the latest technology solutions and sophisticated smart devices, our SMEs can now handle jobs more efficiently even if they're not physically there!

Also present during this significant partnership between PLDT SME Nation, Microsoft and Samsung are:

PLDT SME Nation, Samsung and Microsoft
PLDT SME Nation, Samsung and Microsoft unite in Growing your Business in the Digital Age

  1. Kat Luna-Abelarde - PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Business
  2. Harry Lee - Samsung Philippines Managing Director
  3. James Kwon - Samsung Philippines Business Manager
  4. Irene Catane - Samsung Philippines Enterprise Director
  5. Diana Tibbs - Microsoft Philippines Director for Small, Midsize Solutions Partners
  6. Tovia Va' aelua - Microsoft Philippines Business Group

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