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Aviate - the only Android theme app to install

There's a lot of Android theme app ready to be downloaded, however Yahoo's AVIATE should be treated differently. A smart, sleek android app exclusive(for now) to android users!

Technically, Aviate is not just a theme app, or a launcher to mimic graphical user interface(gui) or skin theme of other smartphones. It does more than that.
Yahoo Aviate

It's an app that organizes all the apps installed on your android phone. Aviate puts your apps in categories or collection where they belong, such as: Social, Utilities, Photography, Entertainment, and Productivity. Yes, it will allow to add different categories.
Some iOS users find it complex enough to switch to Android, but Aviate changes that connotation. 
Aviate gives you the option to personalize how your screen looks, and here are some of them:
  • Arrange icons in alphabetical order
  • download cool icons/buttons and wallpapers
  • tag favorite contacts for easy access(view it by sliding your finger upwards when you’re on your home page.)

It also has a  universal search bar(powered by Yahoo seach engine) that  helps you quickly find apps or contacts in your smartphone or anything at all when you're connected to Wi-Fi or thru data.

At a glance, here's how Android users interact with their phones(check infographic below)

How often do we use the apps that we install
With Yahoo Aviate, you can use your smartphone effortlessly, with just a few taps and glides. Aviate makes your smartphone smarter!
Wanna be a smarter smartphone user? Here's where to download the Yahoo AVIATE android app to be one
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