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Other Manny Pacquiao Funko pop figures you might not know...yet

Manny Pacquiao's vinyl figure is already a hot topic for many. Toy collectors, Funko Pop fanatics, Pacquiao fans and perhaps even Mayweather fans wants to have a piece of this Funko POP! Asia exclusive release. But did you know that there are other Manny Pacquiao Funko Pop variants?

The #MayPac event is ready to make history. It's a fight that made a lot of noise and consumed a lot of years in the making. During those years Funko Pop collectors have been dying to get an official Funko Pop figure of Manny Pacquiao. Their prayers were answered.
Manny Pacquiao Funko POP! Vinyl Figure glam shot

The Manny Pacquiao Funko Pop Vinyl Figure was set to be a Funko POP! Asia Exclusive. So far we've seen a lot of Pacquiao fans wanting to acquire this even if they're outside Asia. We've been getting inquiries from Pinoys abroad on how they can get one delivered in their area.

Funko POP! Manny Pacquiao Vinyl Figures
The Funko POP! Manny Pacquiao Vinyl Figures

What's hitting our (PH)stores pretty soon than you expected are the Manny Pacquiao Funko POP! in boxing form and in basketball form. In case you didn't know, "Pambansang Kamao" Manny Pacman Pacquiao will also get 2 other variants from Funko(see picture above). Not sure if Manny Pacquiao Pop from the very left represent his, as a politician, but we know for a fact that the third one from the left shows his singing career. See that mic on his right hand?

This Pacquiao Funko POP! Figure has 1 point of articulation. It has his signature hairstyle, beard and mustache and that powerful clinched fists.

Who knows if the Manny Pacquiao Stores nationwide will also carry Manny Pacquiao vinyl figures by Funko. Let's just hope that there's plenty of stocks for all the fans. And for his win as well on this MayPac bout!

Initially it was offered at PHP 795, but according to one trusted toy/collectible store, the delay in licensing and logistics issues the pricing needs to be changed. The Funko POP! Vinyl Figure should be priced at PHP895 in retail, while the key-chain version at PHP495 [See Pacquiao Funko Pop! Keychain here]

*All Manny Pacquiao Funko Pop Vinyl Pictures are from and @toy_tokyo

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