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iOs update 8.3 adds flag Emojis (including the Philippine Flag) and more

Who doesn't love Emojis, or other consider as emoticons. Icons that shows your emotion in a cool way. The latest iOS, iOS 8.3 brings over 300 new emojis and it includes the Philippine Flag. Yes new! Are you excited to see them all?

Now, you can include flags from different nations, including Philippine's own flag just by getting the update. There are 37 National Flags that you can start using once you update your Apple device

Flag Emoji on ios8.3 software update
37 different flags are now included in the ios8.3 update!

Want to get these on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, then download the free iOS 8.3 update now! Of course, there's a whole lot more than just these awesome Emojis. Did we mention that you can choose the skin tone too on hand gesture Emojis and some personas? That's just some. But overall, the iOS 8.3 Software update include bug fixes, performance improvement and added functionality.

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