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Free Fast and Furious 7 game on XBOX One and XBOX 360, 'til today only!

Want to relive the moments in the Fast and Furious 7 movie. You can download the Fast & Furious Game for free, till today only!

Drive like Dom(Vin Diesel) or Brian(Paul Walker) w/o wrecking any cars. Yes, you can with this Fast and Furious game on XBOX One and 360. It's time to push the medal to the metal! 

Fast and Furious game on XBOX

Watch the Forza Horizon 2 - Fast and Furious Game Trailer 

Though, this is tagged as a game expansion, Forza Horizon 2 is NOT required to be downloaded, as it's standalone expansion. Yes, just downloaded the Fast and Furious game then you're good to go. After April 10, the game expansion can be purchased at $10 USD

It may require a payment method though, if you haven't enrolled any. Else, let's race Fast and Furious style!

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