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New Apple iOs update adds Apple Watch Support

iOs 8 devices are getting updated with the latest mobile OS for Apple devices like iPhone and iTouch and iPad. There's more to it than just bug fixes.

The iOS 8| 8.2 update is just less than 500MB in size, but includes improvements for its Health app, increased stability and bug fixes. If you haven't really checked the Health App available on iPhones, here's another reason why you want to update your phone now to the latest OS.
18-karat Apple Watch with an SRP of 10,000 USD

The Apple iOs update(iOS 82) for mobile devices adds support to Apple's iWatch to be publicly available this coming April 2015. Moreover, it also shows us a preview of the Appstore for the Apple watch.

The iOS 8.2 update also add the capability to sync your iPhone to the iWatch/ Apple Watch and customize its setting w/o touching the watch.

iPhone 5s loaded with iOs 8.2

Once the update takes place you will start seeing the Apple Watch icon just like the image above shows. Expect more updates once the date for the official release of the Apple Watch draws near.

How about you? Have you tried updating yours to the latest iOs?

iOs 8.2 snapshot

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