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Special Non-Working vs. Regular Holiday pay: What's the difference?

It's the holidays and you're looking forward to your Holiday pay. Some are Regular Holidays, some are Non-working holidays. Can you tell the difference?

Whether you're working in a corporate world or serving a client in a fast food chain, you are entitled for Holiday premium. We know that you already heard about Regular Holiday and Non-Working Holiday, or generally coined as double pay. But do you clearly understand the difference? How much are you suppose to get for a specific holiday whether you go to work or not? Might be confusing, right?

See the infographic below from's Twitter that explains the difference between the two.

Regular Holiday pay vs. Special non-working holiday

Infographic in Filipino: Regular Holiday pay vs. Special Non-working Holiday pay

Regular Holiday pay vs. Special non-working holiday

Before you take your leave or you'll be working during the Holidays, make sure you know your privileges. During your last pay-out for the month of December, make sure that you got your Holiday premiums accurately. Else, file a dispute.

You can also reference this infographic, for the upcoming Holidays in the Philippines for year 2015

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