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5 Action Camera Brands that are non-GoPro + Pricing

Go Pro has been synonymous to action cameras. But did you know that there other Action Cameras out there? Yes action cameras, that also performs well, indoors and outdoors!

Here's a list of the action Cameras available in the Philippine Market aside from GoPro
  1. AEE S Series
    1. AEE S51 SRP 14,999.00
    2. AEE S70 SRP 17,999.00
  2. JVC Action Cam
    1. Adixxion GC-XA2  SRP 12,000 to 14,000.00
  3. SJCAM
    1. SJ4000  Non-Wifi SRP 4,000.00- 5,000.00
    2. SJ4000  With Wifi SRP 4,500.00- 5,500.00
  4. Sony Action Cameras
    1. HDR-AS30V SRP 9,499.00
    2. HDR-AS20  SRP 12,999.00
    3. HDR- AS30VR SRP 14,999.00
    4. HDR- AZ1VR SRP 18,999.00
    5. HDR- AS100VR SRP 20,999.00
  5. CDR- King Action Camcorder - SRP TBA

AEE action cams are one of the prominent action cam in the country. If you think that GoPro is the only action camera, then you're missing a lot. See our list of Top 10 Reasons why getting an AEE Magicam action camera is a good decision to make, aside from Value for Money:

AEE S70 Magicam picture

The latest AEE top of the line action cam is S71 model, but we'll let you know more about it as soon as we get our hands on it. Aside from this, many of you may still don't know, but AEE also announced their latest Action Camera that is capable of doing Optical Zoom, without the need of attaching a lens. AEE S100 should top the Action Cameras of 2015.

For the SJCam series, the SJCAM 4000 is tag as the GoPro killer, as it has the same capabilities of a GoPro as per review and feedback of its users. Plus they can only get it for the small price of 4,000 to 5,500 compared to the price of a GoPro. There are also lots of accessories included on the default package.

For Sony, their Action Cameras, features stabilization that others lack off. Having image stabilization is a must as, shooting hand held, cause blurry pictures. The models with R, like AS30VR and AS100VR, includes the wrist remote control, that can serves as a remote shutter, and should let you change settings every now and then.

If your new with action cameras, make sure to research first. Don't just bet on the quality of the camera. Look for an action camera that is compatible with almost everything. So here's a short list for you to consider, before buying a new action camera

Things to look for before getting an action camera

  • Good after Sales Support
  • Already has an smartphone app(iOS and Android)
  • 3rd Party accessories and add-ons
  • Warranty
  • Social Community/ Support Group
We'll explain this more into detail in our future post.

GoPro has been known for good after-sales support and warranty. That's what make their customers loyal to the brand. No matter which action camera you're going to get, always sit it down first.

Making it on the list, is the Action Camera from CDR-King. No Pricing info yet, but this should sell at less than PHP 4000.00
CDR-King Action Camera
Picture from CD-R King

CDR-King Action Camera
Picture from CD-R King

Perhaps there are other cameras that didn't make it on our list. Care to share them to us? Comment below!

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