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Pitch Perfect 2 Full Movie Trailer: We're back Pitches!

Pitch Perfect' Barden Bellas are back for a sequel of A Capella showdown. They're back Pitches!

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the rest of the Barden Bellas are back to give us more reason to love a Capella music, mouthful of beats and tunes produced by your voice box. A unison of different voice range (Tenor, Soprano, Alto, etc) to produce one harmonic tune that soothes the ear.

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie is set to storm the theaters May of 2015. Wanna see Beca play Cups(When I'm gone) again? You certainly miss them, that's why you're reading this. No need to hide it, we feel the same thing.

Here's the official Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer for you to enjoy:

Just like Pitch Perfect, there are some note-worthy Pitch Perfect 2 quotes too that you don't wanna miss:
  • She actually speaks 8 Languages but Loser is not one of them
  • No american Team has ever won..That's because they hate us..the whole world hate us.

Also Pentatonix is expected to join the cast of Pitch Perfect 2. Pentatonix is an insane group of A Capella-ers from Arlington, Texas. The group rose into stardom after winning the 3rd Season of The Sing-Off (NBC). Since then, Pentatonix recorded album after album of a capella tracks based from the Billboard Charts and Radio stations. Their exact role on Pitch 2 is still unknown, but we know for a fact that it'll be a surprise.

Can Pitch Perfect 2 top the first one? You be the judge!

*Images from Pitch Perfect Movie Facebook Page

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