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Pacquiao wins over Algieri: Still the Pound for Pound Champion

It's all Over. Pacman wins over Algieri and still the Welterweight Champion of the World!

The Pinoy Pride Manny Pacman Pacqiao proves again for the nth time, that he's still the pound for pound king! The Tale of the Tape, shows small differences but the height, where Chris Algieri, has the upperhand, Pacman shows round after round, that he's still faster than his opponent.

Pacquiao Algieri fight

First round, both fighter test the waters, as they throw jabs at each other and it's not yet clear who owns the ring. But everything changes on the succeeding rounds.

Round 2 Pacman knocks down Algieri on his knees, but was able to recover. During Round 6, Pacman knock again Algieri down on his back, then another knocked down on the same round.

Round 9 Pacquiao showed again sign of good boxing as he knocks down Algieri at the last minute of this round. Algieri lied on his back and ref starts counting down.

It was Manny Pacquiao's name who was chanted round after round. Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao wins the World Welterweight Division.

Through a unanimous decision: 119-103, 119-103, 120-102, Pacman is still the World Welterweight champ!

After announcing that he's still the Welterweight champ, he was asked if he's gonna fight Floyd Mayweather, Pacman laughingly answered: He's going to fight me? Yes yes yes!

This makes the 57th Win of Manny Pacquiao on his professional boxing career!

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