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VIBER adds DISNEY STICKER Pack to its users Worldwide!

Viber adds Mickey Mouse and Disney Characters on the Viber Sticker Market. 

Viber App has added another set of sticker pack which includes Disney's main mascot Mickey Mouse.

Viber Disney sticker Pack
Disney sticker pack for Viber
This is just their first step as they partnered with the Disney team to bring us more fun ways in exchanging messages to our Viber colleagues and friends. There are more than 20 Disney stickers included on this release. That's 28 to be exact.

There's more to come eventually, as Viber will include more characters in the collection for the succeeding release of Disney sticker pack. The next set of sticker packs adds Mickey's forever love Minnie Mouse and his fiery-tempered pal, Donald Duck. Hopefully we can see Goofy and Pluto too!
Mickey Mouse sticker pack for Viber

With Viber App you can make unlimited text and HD calls without spending your phone minutes that usually ends with crazy phone bills. Now with the addition of Disney stickers, there's more reason to say up late chatting with your special someone.

We are thrilled to add such an iconic character to our sticker collection,” said Mark Hardy, Viber’s CMO. “Everybody loves Mickey Mouse and these brilliant stickers are a great way to send a fun message to your friends and family! We look forward to seeing some of Mickey’s other pals making their Viber debut in the near future.”

The Mickey Mouse sticker pack is available to download now from Viber for only USD $1.99. 

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