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Facebook Sticker Comments now available!

Would it be nice if you can comment on your friend's Facebook post(s) in a more graphical way?

Sounds cool right? Especially when your sticker can express what you fell without saying a word? Let's face it. The use of emoticons and stickers when conversing has been for chat-a-holics worldwide. Remember mIRC?

Red Ranger Facebook Sticker
Now with the recent update on Facebook. You can now post stickers, instead of just plain comments or emoticons. Most of you might already have seen a slight change on the comment box(see figure below)

new Facebook comment box

So before you say WTF to your next comment. Click on the smiley icon and download the sticker pack of your choice. There's a lot actually. There's The Pixar Pack, Power Rangers Pack, Text Talk(see WTF sticker) and many more...

WTF Facebook Sticker

The rest can be found at the Sticker Store. Just click the + sign and it will launch the Sticker store Window. From there you can download lots and lots of them in different categories. Expect more to come in the succeeding months.

Yes, Facebook introduced a more fun way of exchanging comments with your colleagues and buddies. This allow you to stick the sticker that best describes what you feel at that moment

Power Ranger Facebook Stickers
Power Rangers Facebook sticker pack
So far the sticker post is limited to comments section and via private message. But no need to worry the statuses were updating whenever you need to share what you've been doing or what you're up to. Have seen the cool things under Travelling to  and Looking for. Better try it out!

We personally adore the Power Rangers and Text Talk sticker pack. They're both bad *$$. Which sticker pack is your favorite?

Pictures cut-snip by from its own Facebook Profile. Please credit us if you find it interesting to share!

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