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MSI injects GeForce GTX900M GPUs on latest gaming Laptops

MSI just announced the revamped of its high end gaming laptops with the release of NVIDIA's latest video card offering, the GeForce GTX 900M Series.

October 29, 2014 at the Oakwood Premier Hotel in Ortigas Center Pasig, MSI just unleashed its new line of high-end laptops built for gamers.

The GeForce 900M Series replaces the GTX 800M series GPUs(Graphics Processing Unit). It was seen that performing 30% higher than its predecessor, according to its(MSI) tests.

This upgrades MSI’s high-end gaming GT and GS gaming notebooks code named Dominator(MSI GT72), Stealth(GS70), and Ghost(GS60). Interestingly, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900M Series GPUs can also be enjoyed on MSI’s All-in-one Gaming Desktop Computers: the AG270 2QE and AG270 2QC models

MSI embedded high-end GPUs, as the world’s first gaming PCs loaded with GeForce GTX980M(8GB DDR5) and GTX970M(6GB DDR5) discrete graphics cards, respectively.

Back to MSI Gaming laptops for 2014, what's amazing about these laptops are... they are built and ready for upgrades that were not possible with existing gaming laptops, as far we know. During the media launch of MSI's G series gaming notebooks, the speaker noted that this is really a game changer, as they can accept upcoming gpu advances that should be available in the near future

These laptops have 4 things in common:
  • Intel 4th Gen Core™ i7 processors
  • Multi-color backlit keyboard by SteelSeries
  • Killer Double Shot Pro
  • DynaAudio sound

 We all know that Intel's 4th Gen i7 processors are considered the top of the line CPUs that gamers can take advantage of, so we won't be highlighting it anymore. What makes it cool is the backlighting effect on the keyboard can be configured depending on your mode. It has gamer-friendly settings that allow you to change the backlight color or just turn it off. Others have good backlit keyboard but you can't change its color anymore and no option to turn it off.

The Killer Double Shot Pro feature addresses common problems of gamers, latency and lag times. As a gamer, a single lag can cause you death or lose a battle. It's not an excuse for gamers who likes to build a good reputation in the online gaming community. While the DynaAudio gives you fantastic detail in audio and sound of the game(s) you are playing. The splash of water, reloading of ammo, the foot steps. The sound of movement of the enemy is vital in winning a tactical operation game.

The GT72 aka Dominator, GS70 aka Stealth, and GS60 Ghost are new the gaming laptops of  MSI for 2014. MSI structured these laptops to accept future hardware upgrades making it a good investment for gamers. During the media launch MSI is very proud in consistently giving its users and fans the latest products in the market to keep them happy and bagging those trophies during international gaming competitions. How will the competition answer to this?

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